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Being Israeli: The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship
1. Introduction Part I. Fragmented Citizenship in a Colonial Frontier Society: 2. The virtues of Ashkenazi pioneering 3. Mizrachim and women: between quality and quantity 4. The frontier within:Expand
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Ethnic Democracy and the Legal Construction of Citizenship: Arab Citizens of the Jewish State.
T he citizenship status of its Arab citizens is the key to Israel's ability to function as an ethnic democracy, that is, a political system combining democratic institutions with the dominance of oneExpand
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Alterations of the colonic flora and their effect on the hydrogen breath test.
The hydrogen breath test was performed by ingestion of 20 g lactulose and analysis of end-expiratory air. Eighteen patients undergoing colonoscopy, 17 receiving antibiotics, 12 prepared for colonExpand
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Citizenship and stratification in an ethnic democracy
A theoretical framework of multiple citizenship discourses is proposed for analysing the transformation of the structure of ethnic relations in the yishuv and Israel. An historical overview indicatesExpand
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Factors affecting methane production in humans
Breath methane was studied in 394 subjects. Among 152 controls, 50.0% produced methane-42.1% of males and 57.9% of females. One hundred sixteen patients with gastrointestinal diseases were studied.Expand
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Halitosis and Helicobacter pylori. A possible link?
The exact pathophysiological mechanism of halitosis is not clear, and in many patients the etiology is an enigma. We followed three couples in which one member or both had halitosis. All the subjectsExpand
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Perinatal complications following gestational diabetes mellitus how ‘sweet’ is ill?
Objective. We tested the effect of patient compliance, fasting plasma glucose on oral glucose tolerance test, maternal body constitution, and the method of treatment (diet versus insulin) on theExpand
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Presentation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Ovarian Torsion in Premenarchal Girls.
STUDY OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical characteristics and treatment of ovarian torsion in premenarchal girls with surgically verified ovarian torsion. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS A retrospectiveExpand
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Association and risk factors between induction of labor and cesarean section
Abstract Objective: To determine risk factors and to quantify the risk of cesarean section (CS) associated with labor induction. Method: A prospective controlled study of women admitted for laborExpand
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Towards a redefinition of Jewish nationalism in Israel? The enigma of Shas
The electoral success of Shas, a mizrahi, religious political party in Israel is analysed with the help of the cultural division of labour model. Mizrahim (Jews originating in Muslim countries) are aExpand
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