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An Interference Effect of Observed Biological Movement on Action
It has been proposed that actions are intrinsically linked to perception and that imagining, observing, preparing, or in any way representing an action excites the motor programs used to execute thatExpand
Cross-talk between Language Processes and Overt Motor Behavior in the First 200 msec of Processing
A recently emerging view sees language understanding as closely linked to sensory and motor processes. Expand
Selective perturbation of visual input during prehension movements
Summary1.Subjects were instructed to reach and grasp cylindrical objects, using a precision grip. The objects were two concentric dowels made of translucent material placed at 35 cm from the subject.Expand
Influence of object position and size on human prehension movements
Abstract Prehension movements of the right hand were recorded in normal subjects using a computerized motion analyzer. The kinematics and the spatial paths of markers placed at the wrist and at theExpand
Selective perturbation of visual input during prehension movements
We present a situation where unexpected changes occur at the input level of one of the visuomotor channels, and to observe how the movement reorganizes, we perturb the transport and grasp components of these perturbed movements with appropriate control movements. Expand
A paradoxical improvement of misreaching in optic ataxia: new evidence for two separate neural systems for visual localization
We tested a patient (A. T.) with bilateral brain damage to the parietal lobes, whose resulting ‘optic ataxia’ causes her to make large pointing errors when asked to locate single light emittingExpand
Hand kinematics during reaching and grasping in the macaque monkey
In this paper, we develop an animal model of prehension movements by examining the kinematics of reaching and grasping in monkeys and by comparing the results to published data on humans. HandExpand
Grip Force Reveals the Context Sensitivity of Language-Induced Motor Activity during “Action Words” Processing: Evidence from Sentential Negation
We introduce a grip-force sensor that allows online measurements of language-induced motor activity during sentence listening and use it to study the online crosstalk between language and the motor systems. Expand
Visuo-motor learning with combination of different rates of motor imagery and physical practice
Sports psychology suggests that mental rehearsal facilitates physical practice in athletes and clinical rehabilitation attempts to use mental rehearsal to restore motor function in hemiplegicExpand
The left ventral occipito-temporal response to words depends on language lateralization but not on visual familiarity.
The sensitivity of the left ventral occipito-temporal (vOT) cortex to visual word processing has triggered a considerable debate about the role of this region in reading. One popular view is that theExpand