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Revisiting the Welfare State System in the Republic of Korea
The Republic of Korea's welfare system has undergone radical institutional expansion since the 1990s, largely as a consequence of the financial crisis of 1997. In spite of these changes, publicExpand
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Revisiting the South Korean developmental state after the 1997 financial crisis
This study reassesses the conventional wisdom surrounding the developmental state of South Korea (hereafter Korea) since the 1997 Korean financial crisis. The conventional wisdom is that, as a resultExpand
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Synthesis of Zeolite As Ordered Multicrystal Arrays
Zeolites are crystalline nanoporous aluminosilicates widely used in industry. In order for zeolites to find applications as innovative materials, they need to be organized into large two- andExpand
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Monolayer Assembly of Zeolite Crystals on Glass with Fullerene as the Covalent Linker
Glass plates tethered with 3-aminopropyl groups were prepared and fullerene (C60) was mounted onto the amine groups via NH insertion of the terminal amine moiety into one of the double bonds ofExpand
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Long-lived charge-separation by retarding reverse flow of charge-balancing cation and zeolite-encapsulated Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) as photosensitized electron pump from zeolite framework to externally placed
K(+)-exchanged, Ru(bpy)(3)(2+)-encapsulating zeolite-Y [K(+)-Ru(bpy)(3)(2+)Y] and N-[3-(dicyclohexylmethyl)oxypropyl-N'-methyl-4,4'-bipyridinium [DCH-MV(2+)] were prepared, and visible light-inducedExpand
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Organization of microcrystals on glass by adenine-thymine hydrogen bonding.
Shaking of adenine-tethering glass plates in an aqueous suspension of micrometer-sized, thymine-tethering zeolite crystals such as ZSM-5 (0.6 mum x 1.7 mum x 2.5 mum) or zeolite-A (1.7 mum x 1.7 mumExpand
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Diisocyanates as novel molecular binders for monolayer assembly of zeolite crystals on glass.
  • Y. Chun, K. Ha, +4 authors K. Yoon
  • Materials Science, Medicine
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  • 21 August 2002
Isocyanate groups readily form urethane linkages with surface hydroxy groups on glass and zeolites and this phenomenon was utilized in the assembly of monolayers of zeolite microcrystals on glass byExpand
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Polyamines as Strong Molecular Linkers for Monolayer Assembly of Zeolite Crystals on Flat and Curved Glass
In compliance with the trend of modern chemistry evolving away from the manipulation of sets of individual molecules toward the description and manipulation of systems of molecules, 1 the sizes ofExpand
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