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FDTD Dispersive Modeling With High-Order Rational Constitutive Parameters
In this work, we present a dispersive finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm using a four-pole complex rational function (CRF). For the sake of a better curve fitting of the four-pole CRFExpand
Transmission Through an Annular Aperture Surrounded With Corrugations in a PEC Plane
Electromagnetic transmission through an annular aperture surrounded with corrugations in a PEC plane is investigated based on the mode-matching method. The eigenfunction expansion and HankelExpand
On the Numerical Stability of Finite-Difference Time-Domain for Wave Propagation in Dispersive Media Using Quadratic Complex Rational Function
Abstract Recently, based on a quadratic complex rational function, a simple and accurate finite-difference time-domain algorithm was introduced for the study of electromagnetic wave propagation inExpand
Coupling through a flanged coaxial line array
Coupling through a flanged coaxial line array is investigated. The Hankel transform and superposition principle are used to obtain the coupling parameters. The mutual coupling expression is shown toExpand
Parallel Dispersive FDTD Method Based on the Quadratic Complex Rational Function
Recently, the quadratic complex rational function (QCRF) function was proposed for accurate finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) dispersive modeling. First, this letter discusses two implementationsExpand
Effect of Shading Level on Growth and Morphological Characteristics of Ligularia fischeri Seedling
It is concluded that the early growth of L. fischeri is more effective in producing it under 50% of shading, and the higher shading level, the higher SLA and LAR. Expand
Selection of Alternative Cleaning Agents for Ultrasonic Cleaning Process in Remanufacturing of Used Laser Copy Machine
In this study, evaluation tests for cleaning performance of various cleaning agents and selection of optimal ultrasonic cleaning parameters were executed to develop an efficient cleaning process inExpand
Analysis of FSS Radomes Based on Physical Optics Method and Ray Tracing Technique
In this letter, we analyze the electromagnetic characteristic of a frequency selective surface (FSS) radome using the physical optics (PO) method and ray tracing technique. We consider the cross-loopExpand
Broadband CPS-fed Yagi-Uda antenna
A broadband coplanar strip line-fed Yagi-Uda antenna is presented. The antenna has a feedline structure that is much simpler than other Yagi-Uda antennas, and provides more design flexibility inExpand
Compact stub‐loaded meander‐line antenna for wireless USB dongle devices
A planar meander-line monopole antenna was designed for wireless Universal Serial Bus (USB) dongle devices. The proposed antenna shows dual-wideband resonant characteristics and supports the WiBro,Expand