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Scale-dependent effects of habitat on movements and path structure of reef sharks at a predator-dominated atoll.
The effects of habitat on the ecology, movements, and foraging strategies of marine apex predators are largely unknown. We used acoustic telemetry to quantify the movement patterns of blacktip reefExpand
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Differential movement patterns and site fidelity among trophic groups of reef fishes in a Hawaiian marine protected area
We tracked the long-term movements of 70 parrotfishes, surgeonfishes and goatfishes captured inside a small (1.3 km2) marine protected area (MPA: Kealakekua Bay Marine Life Conservation District,Expand
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Distribution and diet of four species of carcharhinid shark in the Hawaiian Islands: evidence for resource partitioning and competitive exclusion
Competition and predation are both important in structuring the distribution of marine organisms; however, little is known about how competition and predation influence the distribution ofExpand
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Telemetry and random-walk models reveal complex patterns of partial migration in a large marine predator.
Animals are often faced with complex movement decisions, particularly those that involve long-distance dispersal. Partial migrations, ubiquitous among all groups of vertebrates, are a form ofExpand
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Long-term movement patterns and trophic ecology of blacktip reef sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) at Palmyra Atoll
article i nfo Animal movements, residence times, and subsequently foraging strategies, should vary with habitat quality. We used acoustic and satellite telemetry, as well as stable isotopes, to lookExpand
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Movement patterns, home range, and habitat utilization of adult kelp bass Paralabrax clathratus in a temperate no-take marine reserve
Home range, activity patterns, site fidelity and habitat preference of the kelp bass Para- labrax clathratus were determined from 12 adult fish tracked using acoustic telemetry within a tem- perateExpand
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Spatial memory and animal movement.
Memory is critical to understanding animal movement but has proven challenging to study. Advances in animal tracking technology, theoretical movement models and cognitive sciences have facilitatedExpand
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Site fidelity and movements of sharks associated with ocean-farming cages in Hawaii
Sharks are found in association with main Hawaiian Island ocean fish farms more frequently and at higher densities than is typical for coastal Hawaiian waters. Sharks attracted to fish farms couldExpand
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Long-term movement patterns of tiger sharks Galeocerdo cuvier in Hawaii
Little is known about the long-term movement patterns of most marine apex predators. A network of acoustic receivers was used to quantify the long-term movements of transmitter- equipped tiger sharksExpand
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Seasonal cycles and long-term trends in abundance and species composition of sharks associated with cage diving ecotourism activities in Hawaii
Shark cage diving is both popular and controversial, with proponents citing educational value and non-extractive use of natural resources and opponents raising concerns about public safety andExpand
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