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Research on flexible job-shop scheduling problem based on a modified genetic algorithm
A FJSP solution method based on GA is proposed in this paper, and job-shop scheduling problem (JSP) with partial flexibility and JIT (just-in-time) request is transformed into a general F JSP. Expand
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Internet of Things (IoT) driven kanban system for reverse logistics: solid waste collection
This study first diagnoses the solid waste collection problem; it is classified as an inventory control problem with confluent material flows and stochastic demand. Expand
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Parallel algorithm of multiobjective optimization harmony search based on cloud computing
In order to solve the problems of traditional harmony search in complex function multiobjective optimization, such as low precision, slow convergence, and easy to fall into local optimum, this article proposes a multi objective optimization harmony search parallel algorithm based on cloud computing. Expand
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Modified LQG/LTR Control Methodology in Active Structural Control
This paper presents a new active structural control design methodology comparing the conventional linear-quadratic-Gaussian synthesis with a loop-transfer-recovery (LQG/LTR) control approach forExpand
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Tolerance & Fit Query and Dimensioning Program Development in AutoCAD
  • Y. Pan
  • Engineering
  • 20 January 2011
For the flaws of query and dimensioning of AutoCAD tolerance & fit, this paper uses Access database and VBA software technology for the secondary development to achieve tolerance & fit automaticExpand
Hybrid Control for Seismological Nonlinear Structures on Liapunov’s Theory
In this paper, the hybrid control method of earthquake excited high-raised buildings is put forword. The building is modeled as a shear-wall type structure with non-linear hysteretic restoring forcesExpand
Material Data Integration Model Based on Context-Aware within Manufacturing Enterprises
Materials data integration is one of core competence concerning with the development of mass data application in manufacture enterprises. In this paper, a context-aware materials data integrationExpand
Abstract 1283: Integrative genome-scale analysis of TCGA dataset for features of tumor immunity
Background: Only a small portion of patients respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), and the response rate varies among different cancer types. While an inflammatory tumor microenvironmentExpand
Time-Delay Analysis for Active Controlled Structure System
In this paper, a new stability criterion of time-delay analysis is established for active controlled structure system. Based on an improved upper bound for the inner product of two vectors, theExpand
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