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Associations of loneliness in older married men and women
We evaluated the associations between loneliness and subjective appraisals of marital relationship as well as reciprocal associations of loneliness in married men and women. The Health and RetirementExpand
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The impact of perinatal death on obstetrics nurses: a longitudinal and cross-sectional examination
Abstract Mental health and well-being among obstetrics nurses after perinatal death are understudied. Beyond the normal strain imposed on obstetric nurses, exposure to perinatal death may addExpand
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Losing My Religion: A Preliminary Study of Changes in Belief Pattern After Sexual Assault:
The purpose of the present study was to examine the impact of sexual trauma on changes in religious perception, subjective health, and mental health among sexual assault victims. A total of 111Expand
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Delineating terminal change in subjective well-being and subjective health.
The present study investigated whether several evaluative indicators of subjective well-being (SWB) and subjective health decline as death approaches and which of them shows a stronger decline. UsingExpand
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Ongoing Cumulative Chronic Stressors as Predictors of Well-Being in the Second Half of Life
The main aim of the present study was to examine the relationship between ongoing cumulative chronic stressors (OCCS) and well-being during the second half of life. The sample comprised 7,268Expand
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Impact of war stress on posttraumatic stress symptoms in hospital personnel.
OBJECTIVE This study examines the relationship between exposure to war stress and posttraumatic symptoms among nurses and physicians in a general hospital targeted by missiles. METHOD HospitalExpand
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Transgenerational effects of trauma in midlife: Evidence for resilience and vulnerability in offspring of Holocaust survivors.
Despite abundant research on offspring of Holocaust survivors (OHS), it is relatively unknown how they function in middle age. Transgenerational effects of the Holocaust may be stronger amongExpand
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The Positivity Ratio and Functioning Under Stress
The positivity ratio reflects the ratio of positive affect to negative affect. In two studies, the authors investigated the relationship between positivity ratio and functioning under stress. Study 1Expand
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The predicament of time near the end of life: Time perspective trajectories of life satisfaction among the old-old
Objective: The present study investigated time perspective in old-old age as embodied in trajectories of life satisfaction ratings that individuals attribute to their past, present, and anticipatedExpand
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Resilience and Vulnerability Among Aging Holocaust Survivors and Their Families: An Intergenerational Overview
This paper reviews the literature on the long-term effects of the Holocaust on survivors, their offspring, and their grandchildren. Two major conclusions are drawn. First, the functioning of theseExpand
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