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Coating of pharmaceutical powders by fluidized bed process. II. Microcapsules produced by layering of fine powder on coarse particles and subsequent aqueous enteric coating.
The results showed that when PVP was used as the binder, the enteric coating through the layering process was sufficiently protective against the release of both phenacetin and lactose at the 50% coating level.
Effect of Additives on Agglomeration in Aqueous Coating with Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
Water-soluble hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) was applied to fine lactose powder (53-63 μm) by the Wurster process. The effects of various additives on agglomeration were studied by the binding
On-line monitoring of granule growth in high shear granulation by an image processing system.
An extremely close relationship could be found between both data, proving that the developed system could monitor the granule growth accurately and continuously throughout the granulation.
Development of a novel compression tester and rheo-mechanical properties of wet-mass powder. II--Effect of moisture content on the rheo-mechanical properties.
Pressure transmission characteristics and rheo-mechanical properties have been investigated to characterize the wet-mass powders and the relationship between these parameters and granule physical properties was investigated.
Scale-up of high shear granulation based on the internal stress measurement.
The scale-up of high shear granulation could be well conducted by means of the tip speed of the agitator blade, according to physical properties such as strength, size distribution and compressibility prepared by changing the operating conditions and the vessel scales.
Microgranulation and Encapsulation of Pulverized Pharmaceutical Powders with Ethyl Cellulose by the Wurster Process
A pulverized phenacetin powder with a mass median diameter of 11μm was slightly granulated and subsequently coated to produce fine microcapsules by the Wurster process. As a membrane material, a 1 :
Effect of Additives on Physical Properties of Fine Ethyl Cellulose Microcapsules Prepared by the Wurster Process
Ethyl cellulose (EC) microcapsules with fine calcium carbonate cores (32-44μm) and drug layers were prepared. The effect of additives on the particle size distribution, the variation in drug content
Quantitative evaluation of kneading and extrusion processes by pressure transmission characteristics of wet kneaded masses
This study is devoted to the quantitative evaluation of wet kneaded masses prepared by a paddle-type kneader, and the analysis of the kneading process and the following extrusion granulation process.