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Delimitation of Phakopsora, Physopella and Cerotelium and their species on Leguminosae
Four other species of Phakopsora and five species of Cerotelium parasitize legumes, each of which has either a Malupa, Milesia or Physopella anamorph are included. Expand
Taxonomy of the Phakopsora ampelopsidis species complex on vitaceous hosts in Asia including a new species, P. euvitis
AbstractA grape leaf rust fungus, Phakopsora ampelopsidis, distributed in Japan consisted of three populations differing in their life cycle and host specificity. One population forms the uredinial...
A monograph of Maravalia (Uredinales)
Thirty-one species of Maravalia are recognized and Seventeen new combinations are proposed. Expand
A monograph of Sphaerophragmium (Uredinales)
Thirteen species of Sphaerophragmium occur on plants of the Leguminosae and three on the Annonaceae, all being distributed in the tropics. Expand
Physicochemical, including spectroscopic, and biological analyses during composting of green tea waste and rice bran
The aims of this study were to monitor the changes in physicochemical, including spectroscopic, and biological characteristics during composting of green tea waste–rice bran compost (GRC) and toExpand
Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Asian grapevine leaf rust fungus, Phakopsora euvitis, and its allies (Uredinales)
The results confirm the phylogenetic distinctness of P. euvitis, P. ampelopsidis, autoecious P. meliosmae and M. tenuis, and an unconnected Aecidium on Meliosma are closely allied. Expand
Evaluation of the Physio-Chemical and Microbial Properties of Green Tea Waste-Rice Bran Compost and the Effect of the Compost on Spinach Production
Abstract To study the physio-chemical and microbial properties of green tea waste-rice bran compost (GRC), and feasibility of GRC as the alternative of agrochemicals for quality spinach production,Expand
Effects of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture in Podding Zone on Pod Development of Peanut Plants
To examine the effects of soil temperature and soil moisture in the podding zone on the pod development of a peanut variety, Chiba-handachi (large seed, semi-erect type), three experiments wereExpand