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New antibiotics, bleomycin A and B.
Cloning and sequence analysis of a protease-encoding gene from the marine bacterium Alteromonas sp. strain O-7.
The deduced amino acid sequence indicated that aprI codes for a precursor of 715 amino acids and the precursor is composed of four regions including a signal peptide, an N- terminal pro-region, a mature protease region and a C-terminal extension region of 215 amino acids as previously described for aprII. Expand
Cloning, sequence, and expression of a chitinase gene from a marine bacterium, Altermonas sp. strain O-7.
Regardless of origin, the enzymes of the two bacteria isolated from marine and terrestrial environments had high homology, suggesting that these organisms evolved from a common ancestor. Expand
Characterization of Chitinase C from a Marine Bacterium, Alteromonas sp. Strain O-7, and Its Corresponding Gene and Domain Structure
To evaluate the role of the domain, the hybrid gene that directs the synthesis of the fusion protein with glutathione S-transferase activity was constructed, indicating that the N-terminal domain of ChiC constitutes an independent chitin-binding domain. Expand
Site-directed mutagenesis of chitinase from Alteromonas sp. strain O-7.
It is suggested that Asp-290 and Glu-292 of Chi85 may be the essential amino acid residues for the cleavage of beta-glycosidic linkage of chitin. Expand
Production of novel antibiotic, dopsisamine, by a new subspecies of Nocardiopsis mutabilis with multiple antibiotic resistance.
Physico-chemical and biological characterization of a purified antibiotic revealed its novel polyamine-type nature with a broad antimicrobial activity and was named dopsisamine. Expand