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IntelligentBox: a constructive visual software development system for interactive 3D graphic applications
The IntelligentBox allows us to easily combine existing primitives in order to compose various interactive 3D compound objects and their coordination mechanism and works as a user-friendly rapid-prototyping software development system for interactive3D graphic applications and computer animations.
Treecube: visualization tool for browsing 3D multimedia data
A new 3D visualization tool for hierarchical information called treecube is proposed that can be taken as a 3D extension of treemap and shows its usefulness for browsing 3D multimedia data, i.e., 2D images, 3D shape models, motion data, etc., originally stored in a file system.
Automatic 3D Furniture Layout Based on Interactive Evolutionary Computation
  • R. Akase, Y. Okada
  • Computer Science
    Seventh International Conference on Complex…
  • 3 July 2013
This paper mainly introduces the way of construction of gene expression and evolution process for interactive evolutionary computation and the prototype system for 3D furniture placement system is introduced.
Real-time character animation using puppet metaphor
The authors employ the puppet metaphor for motion design of computer animation creation using a puppet metaphor and this paper introduces its prospective application examples.
Efficient and Feature-Preserving Triangular Mesh Decimation
A new automatic method for the decimation of triangular meshes, which performs better as compared to the notable existing algorithms at low levels of detail, preserves visually important parts of the mesh and thus keeps the semantic or high level meaning of the model.
Time-tunnel: visual analysis tool for time-series numerical data and its aspects as multimedia presentation tool
  • M. Akaishi, Y. Okada
  • Computer Science, Art
    Proceedings. Eighth International Conference on…
  • 2004
Time-tunnel visualizes any numbers of time-series numerical data as individual charts in a 3D virtual space through direct manipulations on a computer screen and treats multimedia data, i.e., texts, images, sounds and movies, as additional information represented by tags located at any point of charts.
Human Motion Retrieval System Based on LMA Features Using Interactive Evolutionary Computation Method
The results indicate that the proposed motion retrieval system is effective for retrieving motion data from a motion database including many motions more than one thousand.
LOD Modelling of polygonal models
An automatic edge-collapse based simplification method has been proposed for decimation of polygonal models and generating their LODs (Levels of detail), which compare favorably with those produced by the standard QEM-based algorithm QSlim in terms of the mean and maximum geometric errors.
3D model database system by hand sketch query
  • Y. Okada
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on…
  • 7 November 2002
A 3D model database system that accepts the hand sketch image as its query that is based on silhouette image matching is proposed and the usefulness of the system is described with experimental results.
Game-Based Educational Application for Informal Learning of English Using FLEG
An educational framework called FLEG (Framework for Location-based Educational Game Application) is introduced to help educators develop their gamification-based application using geolocation information without needing any programming skills.