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A tightly regulated molecular toggle controls AAA+ disaggregase
The ring-forming AAA+ protein ClpB cooperates with the DnaK chaperone system to refold aggregated proteins in Escherichia coli. The M domain, a ClpB-specific coiled-coil structure with two wings,Expand
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Head-to-tail interactions of the coiled-coil domains regulate ClpB activity and cooperation with Hsp70 in protein disaggregation
The hexameric AAA+ chaperone ClpB reactivates aggregated proteins in cooperation with the Hsp70 system. Essential for disaggregation, the ClpB middle domain (MD) is a coiled-coil propeller that bindsExpand
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Hsp70 proteins bind Hsp100 regulatory M domains to activate AAA+ disaggregase at aggregate surfaces
Bacteria, fungi and plants rescue aggregated proteins using a powerful bichaperone system composed of an Hsp70 chaperone and an Hsp100 AAA+ disaggregase. In Escherichia coli, the Hsp70 chaperone DnaKExpand
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Opening and Closing of the Hydrophobic Cavity of LolA Coupled to Lipoprotein Binding and Release*
Outer membrane-specific lipoproteins of Escherichia coli are released from the inner membrane through the action of Lol-CDE, which leads to the formation of a complex between the lipoprotein andExpand
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Introduction of a Lethal Redox Switch That Controls the Opening and Closing of the Hydrophobic Cavity in LolA*
LolA plays a critical role in the outer membrane sorting of Escherichia coli lipoproteins because it carries a hydrophobic lipoprotein from the inner membrane through the hydrophilic periplasm to theExpand
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Mechanism of Hsp104/ClpB inhibition by prion curing Guanidinium hydrochloride
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae AAA+ protein Hsp104 and its Escherichia coli counterpart ClpB cooperate with Hsp70 chaperones to refold aggregated proteins and fragment prion fibrils. Hsp104/ClpBExpand
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Large‐scale preparation of the homogeneous LolA–lipoprotein complex and efficient in vitro transfer of lipoproteins to the outer membrane in a LolB‐dependent manner
An ATP‐binding cassette transporter LolCDE complex of Escherichia coli releases lipoproteins destined to the outer membrane from the inner membrane as a complex with a periplasmic chaperone, LolA.Expand
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Hydrophobic interactions between the secondary structures on the molecular surface reinforce the alkaline stability of serine protease
We employed random mutagenesis to determine the region of the initial unfolding of hyper-alkaline-sensitive subtilisin, ALP I, that precedes the denaturation of the entire protein under highlyExpand
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