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Development, long-term survival, and the maintenance of fertility in Neoseiulus californicus (Acari: Phytoseiidae) reared on an artificial diet
Artificial diets can serve as a potentially useful food source for the long-term maintenance of N. californicus populations, and may be one of the most effective phytoseiid species used in agricultural systems for the control of spider mites.
Studies on macrocyclic lactone antibiotics. XIII. Anti-tubulin activity and cytotoxicity of rhizoxin derivatives: synthesis of a photoaffinity derivative.
Chemical modification of the side chain in rhizoxin, a potent antimitotic agent, was attempted in order to study structure-activity relationships and also to devise a probe for photoaffinity labeling
Syntheses of cerulenin and its analogs. II. Synthesis and biological activity of dl-carbacerulenin, a carbocyclic analog of cerulenin.
Inhibitory activity of synthesized 5 toward yeast FAS was less than that of cerulenin by a factor of 1000, and the monobenzyl ethers were prepared by direct benzylation of the epoxycyclopentene.
Evaluation on Biological Activity of Highly Functionalized Synthetic Cycloalkenoids; Trichodenone and Pericosine Analogues
α-Glucosidase inhibitory activity of highly functionalized synthesized cycloalkenoides, which are trichodenones and pericosine analogues, was evaluated by the PNP (para-nitrophenol) procedure along
Agent for preventing periodontosis
PURPOSE: To provide the periodontosis-preventing agent containing the hydrophobic extract of the white-bark of a mulberry tree and having an antibacterial activity against gram-negative anaerobic