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Supplementation of a corn-soybean meal diet with manganese, copper, and zinc from organic or inorganic sources improves eggshell quality in aged laying hens.
Improved breaking strength and fracture toughness (resistance to fracture) in the two oldest groups of hens at 1, 5, and 9 wk after introduction of the experimental diets were observed.
Iconography : Avian eggshell mineralization: biochemical and functional characterization of matrix proteins
The changes in uterine fluid constituents with stages of egg calcification, their effects on morphology of calcite grown in vitro, and the relationship between eggshell texture and mechanical properties point to this control of eggshell fabric.
Changes in eggshell mechanical properties, crystallographic texture and in matrix proteins induced by moult in hens
Observations suggest that changes in eggshell crystal size could be due to changes in organic matrix composition, which may provide a mechanism for the improvement in shell solidity after moult.
Effects of Particle Size and Origin of Calcium Sources on Eggshell Quality and Bone Mineralization in Egg Laying Hens
Abstract Eggshell quality and tibial ossification were studied in ISA brown egg-laying hens. Diet was supplemented with calcium sources differing in origin (seashells treated with phosphoric acid,
The eggshell: structure, composition and mineralization.
Eggshell microstructure and ultrastructure is reviewed, and the results of recent genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of the chicken eggshell matrix are reviewed to draw attention to areas of current uncertainty such as the potential role of amorphous calcium carbonate.
Effect of dietary zinc content and sources on the growth, body zinc deposition and retention, zinc excretion and immune response in chickens.
A nutritional approach, that is by lowering dietary Zn supplementation may reduce the risks of phytotoxicity in the soil resulting from excessive Zn concentration in manure.
Bioactive egg components and their potential uses
This review will focus particularly on nutritional, health, and biotechnological activities of egg molecules and on the approaches, which are proposed by European research groups, to exploit this bioactive potential.
Identification of uterine ion transporters for mineralisation precursors of the avian eggshell
The authors' Gallus gallus uterine model proposes a large list of ion transfer proteins supplying Ca2+ and HCO3- and maintaining cellular ionic homeostasis, which should contribute towards understanding the mechanisms and regulation for ionic precursors of CaCO3.
Identification and localization of lysozyme as a component of eggshell membranes and eggshell matrix.
The avian eggshell is a composite biomaterial composed of non-calcifying eggshell membranes and the overlying calcified shell matrix. The calcified shell forms in a uterine fluid where the