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An experimental approach to study the biosynthesis of brominated metabolites by the red algal genus Laurencia.
The present study strongly indicates that the use of radiobromine [(82)Br] in combination with the TLC-ARLG method is an effective approach for investigating the biosynthesis of brominated metabolites in Laurencia. Expand
Identification of stable cytotoxic factors in the gas phase extract of cigarette smoke and pharmacological characterization of their cytotoxicity.
Results show that acrolein and MVK areresponsible for the acute cytotoxicity of the CSE through PKC/NOX-dependent and -independent mechanisms, whereas CPO is responsible for the delayed cytot toxicity of theCSE through a PKC or NOX-independent mechanism. Expand
Improvement of an efficient separation method for chemicals in diesel exhaust particles: analysis for nitrophenols
The present method involving an acid-base extraction, in situ derivatization, and GC–MS analysis has shown to be a simple, efficient, and reliable method for the isolation and identification of the chemical substances in DEP. Expand
A Simple and Rapid Method for Standard Preparation of Gas Phase Extract of Cigarette Smoke
Data show that concentrations of CSEs expressed by virtual tar concentrations can be a reference value to normalize their cytotoxicity, irrespective of numbers of combusted cigarettes, cigarette brands and smoking protocols, if original tar concentrations are ≤15 mg/ml. Expand
Isolation and identification of new vasodilative substances in diesel exhaust particles
  • K. Seki, Y. Noya, +4 authors K. Ohkura
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Environmental science and pollution research…
  • 1 March 2010
A new fractionation method for DEP has made possible the isolation of new vasodilative compounds from the sodium bicarbonate extract, including 4-Hydroxy-3-nitrobenzoic acid, and 3-hydroxy-4-nitrogenic acid. Expand
Glutathione and cysteines suppress cytotoxicity of gas phase of cigarette smoke by direct reacting with unsaturated carbonyl compounds in the gas phase.
The current results suggest that GSH, NAC, and cysteines directly reacted with ACR and MVK, and suppressed these unsaturated carbonyl compounds-induced cell damage by inhibition of protein carbonylation. Expand
In situ radiotracer and voltammetric study of Zn electrosorption on noble metal electrodes: Part I. A novel method for the evaluation of the surface excess of X-ray emitting species in sub-monolayer
In this work, we report a calculation model elaborated for the evaluation of the surface excess of radiolabeled species via measurement of the intensity of low-energy X-rays, and present some newExpand