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Phosphate regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell calcification.
It is suggested that elevated phosphate may directly stimulate HSMCs to undergo phenotypic changes that predispose to calcification and offer a novel explanation of the phenomenon of vascular calcification under hyperphosphatemic conditions.
Glycated albumin is a better glycemic indicator than glycated hemoglobin values in hemodialysis patients with diabetes: effect of anemia and erythropoietin injection.
It is suggested that GA provides a significantly better measure to estimate glycemic control in hemodialysis patients with diabetes and that the assessment of gly glucose control by HbA(1c) in these patients might lead to underestimation likely as a result of the increasing proportion of young erythrocyte by the use of erythropoietin.
Insulin resistance as an independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality in patients with end-stage renal disease.
It is indicated that insulin resistance is an independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality in ESRD and the effect of HOMA-IR on cardiovascular mortality was independent of body mass index, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.
Plasma Level of Endogenous Secretory RAGE Is Associated With Components of the Metabolic Syndrome and Atherosclerosis
esRAGE is a novel and potential protective factor for the metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis and stepwise regression analyses showed that body mass index or insulin resistance index was the major factor determining plasma esRAGE in all, nondiabetic or diabetic population.
Diabetes mellitus, aortic stiffness, and cardiovascular mortality in end-stage renal disease.
It is demonstrated that the increased aortic stiffness of the ESRD patients with diabetes mellitus contributed to the higher all-cause and cardiovascular mortality rates.
Japanese 2011 guidelines for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis—executive summary
The present guidelines provide information for the managements of primary osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and men over 50 years old, a summary of the evidence for the treatment of secondary osteopsorosis, and a summary for the prevention of osteoporeosis in younger people.
Serum Osteoprotegerin Levels Are Associated With the Presence and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease
Serum OPG levels are associated with the presence and severity of CAD, suggesting that OPG may be involved in the progression of CAD.
Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity as an index of central arterial stiffness.
AIM Stiffness of the central arteries plays an important role in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease, and pulse wave velocity (PWV) of the aorta has been used as the standard measure of
Randomized Teriparatide [human parathyroid hormone (PTH) 1-34] Once-Weekly Efficacy Research (TOWER) trial for examining the reduction in new vertebral fractures in subjects with primary osteoporosis
CONTEXT Weekly teriparatide injection at a dose of 56.5 μg has been shown to increase bone mineral density. OBJECTIVE A phase 3 study was conducted to determine the efficacy of once-weekly
High-resolution B-mode ultrasonography in evaluation of atherosclerosis in uremia.
High-resolution B-mode ultrasonography was used to determine the intima-media thickness (IMT) of the carotid and femoral arteries in 199 hemodialysis patients and 81 age-matched healthy controls subjects and showed a significant relationship between the IMT values of the two arteries and age.