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A Secret Key Cryptosystem by Iterating a Chaotic Map
A secret key cryptosystem by iterating a one dimensional chaotic map is proposed, which is based on the characteristics of chaos, which are sensitivity of parameters, sensitivity of initial points, and randomness of sequences obtained by iterting a chaotic map. Expand
An efficient algorithm for finding multiple DC solutions based onthe SPICE-oriented Newton homotopy method
This paper shows a very simple SFICE-oriented Newton homotopy method which can efficiently find out the multiple dc solutions in circuit simulations and proves an important theorem about how many variables should be chosen to implement this algorithm. Expand
Small-World Cellular Neural Networks for Image Processing Applications
A Small-World Cellular Neural Network model is constructed by introducing some random couplings between cells to adding to the original Chua-Yang CNN, which can improve the results of the image output in a certain content. Expand
Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory Combining Overlapped Category in consideration of connections
A new fuzzy ART algorithm is proposed: fuzzy ART combining overlapped category in consideration of connections (C-FART), which investigates the behavior of C-Fart, and compares it with the conventional FART. Expand
Chaos glial network connected to Multi-Layer Perceptron for Solving Two-Spiral Problem
By computer simulations for solving TSP, it is confirmed that the proposed chaos glial network connected to Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) gains better performance than the conventional MLP. Expand
Analysis of communication circuits based on multidimensional Fourier transformation
An efficient algorithm is shown to solve the communication circuits driven by multitone signals which is based on the frequency-domain relaxation method and the multi-dimensional Fourier transformation. Expand
Ant Colony Optimization with Intelligent and Dull Ants
This study proposes a new Ant Colony Optimization (method; ACO) with Intelligent and Dull Ants (IDACO) and confirms that IDACO obtains more effective results than the standard ACO which consists of only the intelligent ants. Expand
Synchronization phenomena in RC oscillators coupled by one resistor
  • S. Moro, Y. Nishio, S. Mori
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on…
  • 30 May 1994
This study analyzes N Wien-bridge oscillators with the same natural frequency mutually coupled by one resister by both of computer calculations and circuit experiments, and confirms that this system can take a huge number of steady states. Expand
Adaptive Simulated Annealing in CNN Template Learning
Template learning has potential application in several areas of Cellular Neural Network research, including texture recognition, pattern detection and so on. In this letter, a recently-developedExpand