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The crystal structure of the complex of blood coagulation factor VIIa with soluble tissue factor
Blood coagulation is initiated when tissue factor binds to coagulation factor Vila to give an enzymatically active complex which then activates factors IX and X, leading to thrombin generation andExpand
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Alternatively spliced human tissue factor: a circulating, soluble, thrombogenic protein
Tissue factor (TF) is an essential enzyme activator that forms a catalytic complex with FVIIa and initiates coagulation by activating FIX and FX, ultimately resulting in thrombin formation. TF isExpand
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Tissue factor and hemostasis.
Cette etude compare le facteur tissulaire et le facteur VII du point de vue structure, liaison et activites
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Blood-borne tissue factor: another view of thrombosis.
Arterial thrombosis is considered to arise from the interaction of tissue factor (TF) in the vascular wall with platelets and coagulation factors in circulating blood. According to this paradigm,Expand
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Tissue factor modulates the thrombogenicity of human atherosclerotic plaques.
BACKGROUND The thrombogenicity of a disrupted atherosclerotic lesion is dependent on the nature and extent of the plaque components exposed to flowing blood together with local rheology and a varietyExpand
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Role of Risk Factors in the Modulation of Tissue Factor Activity and Blood Thrombogenicity
Background—Several studies suggest a role for an increased circulating pool of tissue factor (TF) in atherothrombotic diseases. Furthermore, certain cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes,Expand
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Macrophages, smooth muscle cells, and tissue factor in unstable angina. Implications for cell-mediated thrombogenicity in acute coronary syndromes.
BACKGROUND Macrophage expression of tissue factor may be responsible for coronary thrombogenicity in patients with plaque rupture. In patients without plaque rupture, smooth muscle cells may be theExpand
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Transfer of tissue factor from leukocytes to platelets is mediated by CD15 and tissue factor.
We describe thrombogenic tissue factor (TF) on leukocyte-derived microparticles and their incorporation into spontaneous human thrombi. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes and monocytes transfer TF(+)Expand
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Isolation of cDNA clones coding for human tissue factor: primary structure of the protein and cDNA.
Tissue factor is a membrane-bound procoagulant protein that activates the extrinsic pathway of blood coagulation in the presence of factor VII and calcium. lambda Phage containing the tissue factorExpand
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Tissue Factor Is Induced by Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 in Human Aortic Smooth Muscle and THP-1 Cells*
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) is a C-C chemokine thought to play a major role in recruiting monocytes to the atherosclerotic plaque. Tissue factor (TF), the initiator of coagulation, isExpand
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