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Characterization of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone from the crayfish (Procambarus clarkii): multiplicity of molecular forms by stereoinversion and diverse functions.
Results may indicate that the stereoinversion in the CHH molecule leads to an important alternation in hormonal functions during crustacean development. Expand
Characterization of Compounds That Induce Symbiosis Between Sea Anemone and Anemone Fish
A new pyridinium compound, amphikuemin, which induces characteristic attracted swimming (toward the chemical stimulus) in A. perideraion, has been isolated from R. kuekenthali and characterized. Expand
Chemical association in symbiosis sterol donors in planthoppers
A comparative study of sterols in the cultured symbionts, the host insects, aposymbiotic host insects and dietary plants demonstrated that ergosterol produced in the symbiotes is provided to the host Insects and possibly transformed in theHost insects into cholesterol via 24-methylenecholesterol. Expand
Diversity in steroidogenesis of symbiotic microorganisms from planthoppers
The above study offers further corroborating evidence for the assumption that the host insects require 24-methylenecholesterol5 as an alternate source for cholesterol1 under certain environmental conditions. Expand
The fate of the phytoalexin ipomeamarone: furanoterpenes and butenolides from Ceratocystis fimbriata-infected sweet potatoes
Abstract Nine new sesquiterpenes related biosynthetically to ipomeamarone, the well-known sweet potato phytoalexin, have been isolated from Ceratocystis fimbriata -infected sweet potato root tissueExpand
Isolation of Antho-RFamide related peptides from the eyestalks of blue crab.
Each carboxyl-terminus of the peptides was precisely determined by amino acid analysis utilizing phenylisothiocyanate derivatives, identical to the sea anemone neuropeptide, Antho-RFamide. Expand