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A Shapley Value-Based Approach to Discover Influential Nodes in Social Networks
Our study concerns an important current problem, that of diffusion of information in social networks. This problem has received significant attention from the Internet research community in theExpand
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Deadlock prevention and deadlock avoidance in flexible manufacturing systems using Petri net models
Deadlocks constitute an important issue to be addressed in the design and operation of FMSs. It is shown that prevention and avoidance of FMS deadlocks can be implemented using Petri net models. ForExpand
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Game Theoretic Problems in Network Economics and Mechanism Design Solutions
This book provides a comprehensive description of mechanism design theory and its application to solving current game theoretic problems in computer science, communication networks and networkedExpand
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Object oriented modeling and decision support for supply chains
Numerous algorithms and tools have been deployed in supply chain modeling and problem solving. These are based on stochastic models, mathematical programming models, heuristic techniques, andExpand
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Determining the top-k nodes in social networks using the Shapley value
In this paper, we consider the problem of selecting, for any given positive integer k, the top-k nodes in a social network, based on a certain measure appropriate for the social network. This problemExpand
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Groupwise Maximin Fair Allocation of Indivisible Goods
We study the problem of allocating indivisible goods among n agents in a fair manner. For this problem, maximin share (MMS) is a well-studied solution concept which provides a fairness threshold.Expand
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Game Theory and Mechanism Design
This book offers a self-sufficient treatment of a key tool, game theory and mechanism design, to model, analyze, and solve centralized as well as decentralized design problems involving multipleExpand
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Nonconvex piecewise linear knapsack problems
This paper considers the minimization version of a class of nonconvex knapsack problems with piecewise linear cost structure. The items to be included in the knapsack have a divisible quantity and aExpand
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A game theory inspired, decentralized, local information based algorithm for community detection in social graphs
Motivated by the observation that communities in real world social networks form due to actions of rational individuals in networks, we propose a novel game theory inspired algorithm to determineExpand
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Dynamic pricing models for electronic business
Dynamic pricing is the dynamic adjustment of prices to consumers depending upon the value these customers attribute to a product or service. Today's digital economy is ready for dynamic pricing;Expand
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