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Liouville Field Theory — A decade after the revolution
We review recent developments (up to January 2004) of the Liouville field theory and its matrix model dual. This review consists of three parts. In part I, we review the bosonic Liouville theory.Expand
Boundary states for the rolling D-branes in NS5 background
In this paper we construct the time dependent boundary states describing the ``rolling D-brane solutions'' in the NS5 background discovered recently by Kutasov by means of the classical DBI analysis.Expand
Weak gravity conjecture in the AdS/CFT correspondence
We study implications of the weak gravity conjecture in the AdS/CFT correspondence. Unlike in Minkowski spacetime, Anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetime has a physical length scale, so that the conjectureExpand
Index for orbifold quiver gauge theories
Abstract We compute the index for orbifold quiver gauge theories. We compare it with the results obtained from the type IIB supergravity (superstring) on AdS 5 × S 5 / Γ .
Bulk locality and boundary creating operators
A bstractWe formulate a minimum requirement for CFT operators to be localized in the dual AdS. In any spacetime dimensions, we show that a general solution to the requirement is a linearExpand
What Maxwell Theory in D 4 teaches us about scale and conformal invariance
The free Maxwell theory in d ≠ 4 dimensions provides a physical example of a unitary, scale invariant theory which is NOT conformally invariant. The easiest way to see this is that the field strengthExpand
Non-relativistic M2-brane gauge theory and new superconformal algebra
We study non-relativistic limits of the = 6 Chern-Simons-Matter theory that arises as a low-energy limit of the M2-brane gauge theory with background flux. The model admits several differentExpand
Scale invariance vs conformal invariance
In this review article, we discuss the distinction and possible equivalence between scale invariance and conformal invariance in relativistic quantum field theories. Under some technical assumptions,Expand
Bootstrapping phase transitions in QCD and frustrated spin systems
In view of its physical importance in predicting the order of chiral phase transitions in QCD and frustrated spin systems, we perform the conformal bootstrap program ofExpand
Crosscap states in N=2 Liouville theory
Abstract We construct crosscap states in the N = 2 Liouville theory from the modular bootstrap method. We verify our results by comparing it with the calculation from the minisuperspace approximationExpand