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The reference frame of the tilt aftereffect measured by differential Pavlovian conditioning
We used a differential Pavlovian conditioning paradigm to measure tilt aftereffect (TAE) strength. Gabor patches, rotated clockwise and anticlockwise, were used as conditioned stimuli (CSs), one ofExpand
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Size-contrast illusion induced by unconscious context.
The present study examined whether the Ebbinghaus illusion can be induced by surrounding contexts that are suppressed from conscious perception. We employed continuous flash suppression to render theExpand
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Surround-contingent tilt aftereffect.
We investigated whether aftereffects can be contingent on surroundings. Gabor patches tilted clockwise and counterclockwise were presented in alternation. Each patch was surrounded by an open circleExpand
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Development of Center-Surround Suppression in Infant Motion Processing
Motion direction of a large high-contrast pattern is more difficult to perceive than that of a small one [1]. This counterintuitive perceptual phenomenon is considered to reflect surroundExpand
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Surround-contingent motion aftereffect
We investigated whether motion aftereffects (MAE) can be contingent on surroundings. Random dots moving leftward and rightward were presented in alternation. Moving dots were surrounded by an openExpand
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Trace element concentrations in the small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) from Hawaii, USA
Abstract Concentrations of 26 trace elements including essential (Mg, Ca, Cr, V, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Sr and Mo) and toxic (As, Cd and Pb), were determined in the liver, kidney, brain, hair,Expand
Perception of invisible masked objects in early infancy
Recurrent loops in the visual cortex play a critical role in visual perception, which is likely not mediated by purely feedforward pathways. However, the development of recurrent loops is poorlyExpand
Experiment of Fundamental ECRH in the GAMMA 10 Central Cell
As an improvement of the central-cell ECRH (C-ECRH) system in GAMMA 10, an ellipsoidal mirror was installed instead of a cylindrical mirror. With this replacement, the microwave beam for ECRH isExpand
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