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Low-cycle fatigue behavior of Sn-Ag, Sn-Ag-Cu, and Sn-Ag-Cu-Bi lead-free solders
Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) tests on as-cast Sn-3.5Ag, Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu, Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu-1Bi, and Sn-3Ag-0.5Cu-3Bi solders was carried out using a noncontact strain-controlled system at 20°C with a constantExpand
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Low-cycle fatigue prediction model for pb-free solder 96.5Sn-3.5Ag
Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) data of Sn-Ag eutectic solder (96.5Sn-3.5Ag) under various temperatures and frequencies has been described using three different prediction models, i.e., Coffin-Manson model,Expand
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Mechanisms of fretting fatigue
  • Y. Mutoh
  • Materials Science
  • 15 October 1995
Fretting fatigue is one of the most important phenomena for inducing a dramatic reduction of fatigue strength and consequently, of unexpected failure accidents. There are numerous works on frettingExpand
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Low cycle fatigue behavior and mechanisms of a eutectic Sn-Pb solder 63Sn/37Pb
Abstract Low cycle fatigue tests of as-casted Sn–Pb eutectic solder (63Sn/37Pb) were carried out using the non-contact strain controlled system at 20°C. The fatigue behavior followed theExpand
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of magnesium composites prepared by spark plasma sintering technology
Abstract Spark plasma sintering (SPS) technology was used to determine the appropriate conditions for SPS sintering of commercially pure magnesium as well as the magnesium alloy AZ31. It was foundExpand
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A general mixed-mode brittle fracture criterion for cracked materials
In order to predict the fracture direction and fracture loadings of cracked materials under the general mixed-mode state, this paper presents a new general mixed-mode brittle fracture criterion basedExpand
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Low-cycle fatigue behavior and mechanisms of a lead-free solder 96.5Sn/3.5Ag
Low-cycle fatigue tests of as-cast Sn-Ag eutectic solder (96.5Sn/3.5Ag) were performed using a noncontact strain controlled system at 20°C. The fatigue behavior followed the Coffin-Manson equationExpand
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Corrosion fatigue behavior of extruded magnesium alloy AZ61 under three different corrosive environments
Abstract Corrosion fatigue process of extruded AZ61 magnesium alloy has been investigated under three different corrosive environments: (a) high humidity environment (80% relative humidity), (b) 5Expand
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Monotonic tension, fatigue and creep behavior of SiC-fiber-reinforced SiC-matrix composites: a review
The monotonic tension, fatigue and creep behaviour of SiC-fiber-reinforced SiC-matrix composites (SiC/SiC) has been reviewed. Although the short-term properties of SiC/SiC at high temperatures areExpand
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Suppression of intermetallic reaction layer formation by controlling heat flow in dissimilar joining of steel and aluminum alloy
In order to suppress the formation of intermetallic reaction layer during laser welding of steel and aluminum alloy dissimilar materials, effect of backing block (heat sink) was investigated. FEMExpand
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