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Synthesis of Four Stereoisomers of (S)‐2‐Methylpent‐3‐yl 3,13‐Dimethylpentadecanoate, a Sex Pheromone of the Bagworm Moth Clania variegate, Using Stereospecific Inversion of Secondary Sulfonates as a
Females of some lepidopteran species produce novel sex pheromones with a methyl-branched structure, such as 2-methylpent-3-yl 3,13-dimethylpentadecanoate secreted by the bagworm moth ClaniaExpand
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Stereospecific inversion of secondary tosylates to yield chiral methyl-branched building blocks, applied to the asymmetric synthesis of leafminer sex pheromones
Abstract All four of the possible stereoisomers of 5,9-dimethylheptadecane, the major sex pheromone component secreted by female moths of the mountain-ash bentwing (Leucoptera scitella), wereExpand
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Synthesis of All Four Stereoisomers of 6,10,13-Trimethyltetradecan-2-one, a Sex Pheromone Component Produced by Males of the Stink Bug Pallantia macunaima
The stink bug Pallantia macunaima (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) is a soybean pest in southern Brazil, and the males produce 6,10,13-trimethyltetradecan-2-one to communicate with females. All fourExpand
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Synthesis and Field Evaluation of Stereoisomers and Analogues of 5-Methylheptadecan-7-ol, an Unusual Sex Pheromone Component of the Lichen Moth, Miltochrista calamina
Females of the lichen moth, Miltochrista calamina (Arctiidae, Lithosiinae), were previously shown to produce 5-methylheptadecan-7-ol (1) as a sex pheromone. In field tests, males were attracted onlyExpand
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GC/FT-IR Analysis of Novel 4,6,9-Triene and 2,4,6,9-Tetraene Occurring in a Female Pheromone Gland of Arctia plantaginis (Erebidae: Arctiinae)
Fifteen subspecies of the wood tiger moth, Arctia plantaginis (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae), have been recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. An analysis of crude pheromone extracts by GCExpand
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Dosimetric evaluation with knowledge-based planning created at different periods in volumetric-modulated arc therapy for prostate cancer: a multi-institution study
Dosimetric evaluation and variation assessment were performed with two knowledge-based planning (KBP) models created at different periods for volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) for prostateExpand
[Detailed analysis of multi-leaf collimator movement during radiation delivery using an in-house-developed program].
In this study, we developed software that permits easy analysis of MLC movements that can be used to retrospectively evaluate MLC movement during irradiation. Expand
SU-E-T-196: Commissioning for Volumetric Modulated Radiation Therapy on Varian Clinac 21EX.
PURPOSE Recently the volumetric arc therapy (VMAT) technology such as RapidArc is widely distributed in Japan. Expand