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Breadth by depth: expanding our understanding of the repair of transposon-induced DNA double strand breaks via deep-sequencing.
The transposases of DNA transposable elements catalyze the excision of the element from the host genome, but are not involved in the repair of the resulting double-strand break. To elucidate the roleExpand
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DNM1L‐related encephalopathy in infancy with Leigh syndrome‐like phenotype and suppression‐burst
Dynamin 1-like (DNM1L), a member of the dynamin superfamily of GTPases, mediates mitochondrial and peroxisomal division, and dominant-negative mutation of DNM1L in mammalian cells leads to a defectExpand
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Parkin and Synuclein in Parkinson's Disease
Increasing evidence suggests that alpha-synuclein is a common pathogenic molecule in several neurodegenerative diseases, particularly in Parkinson’s disease. To understand alpha-synuclein pathology,Expand