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Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel DNA virus (TTV) associated with posttransfusion hepatitis of unknown etiology
Abstract The genomic DNA of a novel virus named TT virus (TTV), associated with posttransfusion hepatitis of unknown etiology, was cloned from plasma of a blood donor with an elevated transaminaseExpand
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A novel DNA virus (TTV) associated with elevated transaminase levels in posttransfusion hepatitis of unknown etiology.
By means of representational difference analysis, a viral clone (N22) of 500 nucleotides was isolated from serum of a patient (TT) with posttransfusion hepatitis of unknown etiology. The N22 cloneExpand
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Typing hepatitis B virus by homology in nucleotide sequence: comparison of surface antigen subtypes.
The complete nucleotide sequences of the DNA of three hepatitis B virus (HBV) genomes of subtype adw, cloned from plasma samples of asymptomatic carriers living in the mainland and Okinawa PrefectureExpand
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Typing hepatitis C virus by polymerase chain reaction with type-specific primers: application to clinical surveys and tracing infectious sources.
Based on variation in nucleotide sequence within restricted regions in the putative C (core) gene of hepatitis C virus (HCV), four groups of HCV have been postulated in a panel of 44 HCV isolates.Expand
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Marked genomic heterogeneity and frequent mixed infection of TT virus demonstrated by PCR with primers from coding and noncoding regions.
A nonenveloped, single-stranded, and circular DNA virus designated TT virus (TTV) has been reported in association with hepatitis of unknown etiology. TTV has a wide sequence divergenceExpand
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Hepatitis B virus with mutations in the core promoter for an e antigen-negative phenotype in carriers with antibody to e antigen.
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA clones were propagated from 57 carriers with antibody to hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) and sequenced within nucleotides (nt) 1685 to 1926 including the core promoter (ntExpand
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Fecal excretion of a nonenveloped DNA virus (TTV) associated with posttransfusion non-A-G hepatitis.
Five patients with type B or C hepatocellular carcinoma were found to be infected with a nonenveloped DNA virus (TTV) associated with posttransfusion hepatitis of non-A-G etiology. Paired feces andExpand
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Hepatitis B Virus of Genotype B with or without Recombination with Genotype C over the Precore Region plus the Core Gene
ABSTRACT The entire nucleotide sequences of 70 hepatitis B virus (HBV) isolates of genotype B (HBV/B), including 38 newly determined and 32 retrieved from the international DNA databaseExpand
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A Genetic Variant of Hepatitis B Virus Divergent from Known Human and Ape Genotypes Isolated from a Japanese Patient and Provisionally Assigned to New Genotype J
ABSTRACT Hepatitis B virus (HBV) of a novel genotype (J) was recovered from an 88-year-old Japanese patient with hepatocellular carcinoma who had a history of residing in Borneo during the World WarExpand
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Genetic variability in hepatitis B viruses.
In 1988, it was reported that the full nucleotide sequences of 18 hepatitis B virus (HBV) strains clustered into four genetic groups (A to D) with more than 8% divergence between the groups. ThisExpand
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