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Chlorination of Benzylic and Allylic Alcohols with Trimethylsilyl Chloride Enhanced by Natural Sodium Montmorillonite
A new and practical method for the efficient chlorination of tertiary, secondary, and primary benzylic and allylic alcohols is described. The method is characterized by the formation of hydrogen
Direct Synthesis of Nitriles from Alcohols with Trialkylsilyl Cyanide Using Brønsted Acid Montmorillonite Catalysts
We reported a simple protocol for nitrile synthesis by the direct cyanation of various secondary/tertiary benzylic and allylic alcohols with trialkylsilyl cyanide (TASCN) with moderate to excellent
H-type Zeolite-Catalyzed 1,4-Addition of Benzene Derivatives to Labile Acrolein
The 1,4-addition of benzene derivatives to acrolein is a straightforward way to synthesize 3-arylpropanals. A survey of acid catalysts for the 1,4-addition of methoxy-substituted benzenes to acrole...
Nickel-supported carbon nitride photocatalyst combined with organic dye for visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution from water.
Characterization by means of XAFS revealed that the deposition of a trinuclear Ni precursor complex, Ni(NiL2)2Cl2 (L = β-mercaptoethylamine), on the g-C3N4 affords a monomeric Ni(ii) species involving β-methine and aqua ligands in an octahedral coordination geometry.
A combination of trimethylsilyl chloride and hydrous natural montmorillonite clay: an efficient solid acid catalyst for the azidation of benzylic and allylic alcohols with trimethylsilyl azide
We present a new procedure to convert in situ natural montmorillonite clay into a partially acidified one using a catalytic amount of trimethylsilyl chloride and trace water. We demonstrate that the
Highly Efficient Cyanosilylation of Sterically Bulky Ketones Catalyzed by Tin Ion‐Exchanged Montmorillonite
Tin ion-exchanged montmorillonite (Sn- Mont) was found to be a powerful catalyst for the cyanosilylation of aromatic and aliphatic ketones having a carbonyl group in sterically congested
Coordination Behaviors of Diphenylketene Adsorbed in the Nanocages of Zeolite NaY and AgY
We investigated in detail how polar cumulene molecules like diphenylketene were accommodated in faujasite zeolite pores based on 13C CP/MAS and DD/MAS NMR analyses as well as quantum chemical calcu...