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Fungal Planet description sheets: 214–280
Novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from South Africa: Cercosporella dolichandrae from Dolichandra unguiscati, Seiridium podocarpi from PodocarpusExpand
Fungal Planet description sheets: 320–370
Novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from Malaysia: Castanediella eucalypti from Eucalyptus pellita, Codinaea acacia from Acacia mangium, Emarcea eucalyptigenaExpand
Fungal Planet description sheets: 154–213
Novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from South Africa: Camarosporium aloes, Phaeococcomyces aloes and Phoma aloes from Aloe, and D. psoraleae-pinnatae from Psoralea, Colletotrichum euphorbiae from Euphorbia, as well as three new species from Mexico. Expand
Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 1
One new genus, 26 new species, ten new combinations, and four typifications of older names are introduced to provide a stable platform for the taxonomy of phytopathogenic fungi. Expand
A re-evaluation of the genus Myceliophthora (Sordariales, Ascomycota): its segregation into four genera and description of Corynascus fumimontanus sp. nov.
The taxonomy of the genus Myceliophthora was re-evaluated through phylogenetic analyses of sequences from the nuc rDNA internal transcribed spacer region and genes for the second largest subunit of RNA polymerase II and translation elongation factor 1α and a new species, namely Corynascus fumimontanus, is described and illustrated. Expand
New species and records of Bipolaris and Curvularia from Thailand
Yasmina Marin-Felix is grateful for the financial support received from the Vice-Chancellor’s postdoctoral fellowship programme from University of Pretoria, South Africa. The collection trip inExpand
Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 2
This study treats 20 genera of phytopathogenic fungi and their relatives, including the new genus Pyriculariomyces, 20 new species, five new combinations, and six typifications for older names. Expand
Emmonsiellopsis, a new genus related to the thermally dimorphic fungi of the family Ajellomycetaceae
The phylogenetic data demonstrated that Ajellomyces griseus also represents a new genus within the Aj Mellomycetaceae, namely Helicocarpus, which is easily distinguished by the lack of asexual morph, the production of brownish gymnothecial ascomata and oblate to lenticular, sparingly pitted ascospores. Expand
Melanospora (Sordariomycetes, Ascomycota) and its relatives
The taxonomy of Melanospora and related taxa have been re-evaluated based on the analysis of nuclear rDNA, actin and elongation factor genes sequences of fresh isolates and numerous type and reference strains. Expand
Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 2
The present study introduces two new genera, 14 new species, five new combinations and 12 interesting host and/or geographical records. A majority of the fungi are Ascomycetes, but the study alsoExpand