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Triaxial behaviour of concrete under high stresses : Influence of the loading path on compaction and limit states
The aim of this study is to characterize the behaviour of concrete under high triaxial loading at levels of confinement and axial stress of the order of the GigaPascal. This study is carried outExpand
Soil parameter identification using a genetic algorithm
This paper is dedicated to the identification of constitutive parameters of the Mohr-Coulomb constitutive model from in situ geotechnical measurements. A pressuremeter curve and the horizontalExpand
Experimental analysis of concrete behavior under high confinement: Effect of the saturation ratio
This study focuses on the identification of concrete behavior under severe triaxial loading in order to better evaluate the vulnerability of sensitive infrastructure to near-field detonations orExpand
Damage of concrete in a very high stress state: experimental investigation
This study is intended to characterize the evolution in triaxial behavior of a standard concrete subjected to confining pressures varying from 0 to 600 MPa. Hydrostatic and triaxial tests, withExpand
Intermittency and Reynolds number
Hot wire measurements of longitudinal and transverse increments are performed in three different types of flows on a large range of Reynolds numbers (100≲Rλ≲3000). An improved technique based onExpand
A statistical estimator of turbulence intermittency in physical and numerical experiments
Abstract.The velocity increments statistic in various turbulent flows is analysed through the hypothesis that different scales are linked by a multiplicative process, of which multiplier isExpand
Concrete structures under impact
ABSTRACT The upcoming need of concrete structures designed against impulsive loading such impact requires analytical treatments comparable to those existing for structures under static loading inExpand
Comparison of two inverse analysis techniques for learning deep excavation response
Abstract Performance observation is a necessary part of the design and construction process in geotechnical engineering. For deep urban excavations, empirical and numerical methods are used toExpand
Experimental investigation of the effect of coarse aggregate shape and composition on concrete triaxial behavior
Abstract This article focuses on identifying concrete behavior under high triaxial loading. The study is carried out within a more general context of understanding the behavior of concrete underExpand
Transverse Velocity Structure Functions in Developed Turbulence
Velocity structure functions based on the longitudinal increment δu ||(r) = u(x + r) − u(x) (in which the component u is aligned with the direction of the separation r) have been extensively measuredExpand