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Site-dependent effect of aprotinin, sodium caprate, Na2EDTA and sodium glycocholate on intestinal absorption of insulin.
The results suggest that the ileum seems to be the most useful region in the small intestine for insulin absorption; however, insulin must be protected from proteolysis to enhance its absorption. Expand
Novel chitosan wound dressing loaded with minocycline for the treatment of severe burn wounds.
Novel wound dressings composed of chitosan (CH) film and minocycline hydrochloride (MH) were prepared using commercial polyurethane film (Tegaderm) as a backing, and CH83-MH2-A is suggested as a useful formulation for the treatment of severe burn wounds. Expand
Preparation and antitumor characteristics of PLA/(PEG-PPG-PEG) nanoparticles loaded with camptothecin.
The PLA/PEG-PPG-PEG nanoparticles were considered potentially useful to enhance the efficacy of CPT, to which the high drug retention in the body and gradual drug release appeared to be importantly related. Expand
Characteristics of polyion complexes of chitosan with sodium alginate and sodium polyacrylate
Abstract With a view to the application of chitosan (CS) for drug delivery formulations, formation of interpolymer complexes of CS with sodium alginate (AL) and sodium polyacrylate (AC) wasExpand
UV absorption method should not be applied for determining amoxycillin in acidic dissolution test medium.
The results indicated that the UV method should not be used for the determination of AMX in the test under acidic conditions, and the dissolution test (drug release test) has beenused for the evaluation of a sustained-release dosage form of AMx. Expand
Enhancement potential of sucrose laurate (L-1695) on intestinal absorption of water-soluble high molecular weight compounds.
The absorption enhancement potential of SEs depended on their water-solubility, and L-1695, being highly water- soluble, showed a good enhancement effect, and its absorption profiles were elucidated. Expand
Hypoglycemic effect of novel oral microspheres of insulin with protease inhibitor in normal and diabetic rats
The results suggest that the use of protease inhibitors as pharmaceutical adjuvants for IMS has the advantage of enhancing the efficacy of insulin. Expand
In vitro and in vivo nasal mucoadhesion of some water-soluble polymers
Abstract In this study the adhesion of water-soluble neutral polymers, i.e. hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC), xanthan gum (XG), tamarind gum (TG) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), to nasal mucosa wasExpand
Application of chitin and chitosan derivatives in the pharmaceutical field.
Chitin and chitosan derivatives are used as excipients and drug carriers in the pharmaceutical field. Their derivatization contributed to expansion of application and decrease toxicity. Chitosan isExpand
Enteral insulin delivery by microspheres in 3 different formulations using Eudragit L100 and S100
Abstract Three types of insulin microspheres (IMS) were prepared in order to deliver insulin selectively in the intestinal tract using copolymers having pH-dependent solubility, Eudragit L100 (L),Expand