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High confinement/high radiated power H-mode experiments in Alcator C-Mod and consequences for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) QDT = 10 operationa)
Experiments in Alcator C-Mod in (Enhanced D-alpha) EDA H-modes with extrinsic impurity seeding (N2, Ne, and Ar) have demonstrated a direct correlation between plasma energy confinement and edge powerExpand
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Power requirements for superior H-mode confinement on Alcator C-Mod: experiments in support of ITER
Power requirements for maintaining sufficiently high confinement (i.e. normalized energy confinement time H98 ? 1) in H-mode and its relation to H-mode threshold power scaling, Pth, are of criticalExpand
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Thermodynamic performance of a new type of double absorption heat transformer
Abstract The thermodynamic performance of a new type of double absorption heat transformer (DAHT) has been studied based on the thermodynamic properties of the aqueous solution of lithium bromide andExpand
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Magnetoresistive effect in p-type semiconducting diamond films
Magnetoresistive effects were studied in p-type heteroepitaxial diamond films with a strip or Corbino disk structure in a magnetic field ranging from 0 to 5 T. The films were grown by microwaveExpand
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“Blips”──A Metric Narrow-Band Fast Drift Burst Was Observed and Confirmed
A new type of solar radio burst at metric wavelengths was observed,analysed and confirmed with the Yunnan Observatory spectrometer.The spectrometer possesses a high time resolution of 10 ms and aExpand