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Quorum-sensing signaling is required for production of the antibiotic pyrrolnitrin in a rhizospheric biocontrol strain of Serratia plymuthica.
One mechanism that bacteria have adopted to regulate the production of antimicrobial compounds is population-density-dependent LuxRI-type quorum sensing (QS), exploiting the production of N-acylExpand
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Composite QDs@MIP nanospheres for specific recognition and direct fluorescent quantification of pesticides in aqueous media.
Quantum dots (QDs)-based molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) composite nanospheres were successfully prepared via a facile and versatile ultrasonication-assisted encapsulation method. Unlike theExpand
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Induction of systemic resistance, root colonisation and biocontrol activities of the rhizospheric strain of Serratia plymuthica are dependent on N-acyl homoserine lactones
Quorum sensing regulation, mediated by N-acyl homoserine lactone signals, produced by strain Serratia plymuthica HRO-C48 isolated from the rhizosphere of oilseed rape, was found to be responsible forExpand
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Oxidative stress and PARP activation mediate the NADH-induced decrease in glioma cell survival.
Reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) plays key roles in energy metabolism and mitochondrial functions. However, there has been little information regarding the effect of NADH on cellExpand
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Highly selective and sensitive fluorescent paper sensor for nitroaromatic explosive detection.
Rapid, sensitive, and selective detection of explosives such as 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and 2,4,6-trinitrophenol (TNP), especially using a facile paper sensor, is in high demand for homelandExpand
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SIRT2 mediates oxidative stress-induced apoptosis of differentiated PC12 cells
Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) is a member of the sirtuin family. Previous studies have suggested that SIRT2 mediates the cell death in models of Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease. However, the role ofExpand
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Basal CD38/cyclic ADP‐ribose‐dependent signaling mediates ATP release and survival of microglia by modulating connexin 43 hemichannels
It is necessary to investigate the mechanisms underlying ATP release from neural cells, because extracellular ATP plays multiple important biological roles in the brain. CD38 is an ectoenzyme thatExpand
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Real-Time Imaging of Single HIV-1 Disassembly with Multicolor Viral Particles.
Viral disassembly is poorly understood and related to the infection mechanism. However, directly observing the process in living cells remains technically challenging. In this study, the genome RNA,Expand
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Live Visualization of HIV-1 Proviral DNA Using a Dual-Color-Labeled CRISPR System.
HIV latency is one of the major problems in HIV/AIDS cure. Imaging single-copy integrated proviral HIV DNA in host cell has both virology and clinical significance but remains technical challenge.Expand
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Roles of oxidative stress in synchrotron radiation X-ray-induced testicular damage of rodents.
  • Y. Ma, H. Nie, +9 authors W. Ying
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • International journal of physiology…
  • 2012
Synchrotron radiation (SR) X-ray has characteristic properties such as coherence and high photon flux, which has excellent potential for its applications in medical imaging and cancer treatment.Expand
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