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Characteristics of particulate carbon emissions from real-world Chinese coal combustion.
Particulate matter emissions from a series of different Chinese coal combustion systems were collected and analyzed for elemental and organic carbon (EC, OC), and molecular markers. Emissions fromExpand
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High-speed graphene transistors with a self-aligned nanowire gate
Graphene has attracted considerable interest as a potential new electronic material. With its high carrier mobility, graphene is of particular interest for ultrahigh-speed radio-frequencyExpand
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Emission characteristics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from combustion of different residential coals in North China.
  • W. Liu, H. Dou, +4 authors S. Tao
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 1 February 2009
Emission properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from combustion of six residential coals in North China were investigated. The results indicated that, the total emission factors (EFs)Expand
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Biosynthesis of the allylmalonyl-CoA extender unit for the FK506 polyketide synthase proceeds through a dedicated polyketide synthase and facilitates the mutasynthesis of analogues.
The allyl moiety of the immunosuppressive agent FK506 is structurally unique among polyketides and critical for its potent biological activity. Here, we detail the biosynthetic pathway toExpand
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BMP4-mediated brown fat-like changes in white adipose tissue alter glucose and energy homeostasis
Expression of bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) in adipocytes of white adipose tissue (WAT) produces “white adipocytes” with characteristics of brown fat and leads to a reduction of adiposity andExpand
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Few-layer molybdenum disulfide transistors and circuits for high-speed flexible electronics.
Two-dimensional layered materials, such as molybdenum disulfide, are emerging as an exciting material system for future electronics due to their unique electronic properties and atomically thinExpand
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Flexible solid-state supercapacitors based on three-dimensional graphene hydrogel films.
Flexible solid-state supercapacitors are of considerable interest as mobile power supply for future flexible electronics. Graphene or carbon nanotubes based thin films have been used to fabricateExpand
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Electroluminescence and Photocurrent Generation from Atomically Sharp WSe2/MoS2 Heterojunction p–n Diodes
The p–n diodes represent the most fundamental device building blocks for diverse optoelectronic functions, but are difficult to achieve in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) dueExpand
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Gram-scale synthesis of single-crystalline graphene quantum dots with superior optical properties.
  • Liang Wang, Y. Wang, +8 authors M. Wu
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Nature communications
  • 28 October 2014
Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have various alluring properties and potential applications, but their large-scale applications are limited by current synthetic methods that commonly produce GQDs inExpand
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Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation via an Improved Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II
An improved nondominated sorting genetic algorithm-II (INSGA-II) has been proposed for optimal planning of multiple distributed generation (DG) units in this paper. First, multiobjective functionsExpand
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