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Research Note on Captive Atlantic Flows: Estimating Missing Data by Slave-Voyage Routes
This essay provides new estimates of the number of captives carried in the Atlantic slave trade during each decade from the 1650s to the 1860s. It relies on two categories of known data—on the routesExpand
Multi-focus image fusion: A Survey of the state of the art
A comprehensive overview of existing multi-focus image fusion methods is presented and a new taxonomy is introduced to classify existing methods into four main categories: transformdomain methods, spatial domain methods, methods combining transform domain and spatial domain, and deep learning methods. Expand
Occurrence of the eudemersal radiodont Cambroraster in the early Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte and the diversity of hurdiid ecomorphotypes
Abstract Radiodonts are a diverse clade of Lower Palaeozoic stem-group euarthropods that played a key role in the emergence of complex marine trophic webs. The latest addition to the group,Expand
Reconsidering the efficiency of grazing exclusion using fences on the Tibetan Plateau
Abstract Grazing exclusion using fences is a key policy being applied by the Chinese government to rehabilitate degraded grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau (TP) and elsewhere. However, there is aExpand
Efficient measurement of quality at scale in Facebook video ecosystem
This paper describes FB-MOS metric that measures video quality at scale in Facebook ecosystem, and discusses some of the optimizations to reduce metric computation complexity and scale the complexity in proportion to video popularity. Expand
Nitric Oxide-Producing Cardiovascular Stent Coatings for Prevention of Thrombosis and Restenosis
NO-releasing and -generating coatings for prevention of thrombosis and restenosis are introduced and the advantages and drawbacks on releasing and generating aspects, where possible further developments are suggested. Expand
Differences of Regulative Flexibility between Hydrological Isolated and Connected Lakes in a Large Floodplain: Insight from Inundation Dynamics and Landscape Heterogeneity
The inundation areas of floodplains are crucial to wetland ecosystems, especially in supporting biodiversity. Accurately identifying the spatial and temporal patterns of inundation areas is importantExpand
A Study on Visual Representations for Active Plant Wall Data Analysis
The indoor climate is closely related to human health, well-being, and comfort, and one way to improve the indoor climates is to place an aestheti in the context of the outdoors. Expand
Identifying new sites of significance to waterbirds conservation and their habitat modification in the Yellow and Bohai Seas in China
Chinese coastal wetlands in the Yellow and Bohai Seas provide a network of breeding, stopover, and wintering sites that are critical for the survival of many migratory waterbird species. However,Expand
Analysis and forecasting of infant mortality rate in Guangzhou, 2001-2010
This document summarizes IMR’s activities since 2001 and outlines its priorities for the coming year. Expand