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Geodynamics of the southeastern Tibetan Plateau from seismic anisotropy and geodesy
Ongoing plate convergence between India and Eurasia provides a natural laboratory for studying the dynamics of continental collision, a fi rst-order process in the evolution of continents, regionalExpand
Local Dependence Diagnostics in IRT Modeling of Binary Data
Local dependence (LD) for binary IRT models can be diagnosed using Chen and Thissen’s bivariate X2 statistic and the score test statistics proposed by Glas and Suárez-Falcón, and Liu and Thissen.Expand
Statistical Overview of WordNet from 1.6 to 2.0
We dened several discrete random variables and made their statistical comparisons between different versions of WordNet, by which the macroscopical evolution of Wordnet from 1.6 to 2.0 is explored. Expand
Primary Care Physicians’ Perceived Barriers to Nephrology Referral and Co-management of Patients with CKD: a Qualitative Study
BackgroundEffective co-management of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) between primary care physicians (PCPs) and nephrologists is increasingly recognized as a key strategy to ensure theExpand
Comparison of empirical likelihood and its dual likelihood under density ratio model
ABSTRACT Density ratio models (DRMs) are commonly used semiparametric models to link related populations. Empirical likelihood (EL) under DRM has been demonstrated to be a flexible and usefulExpand
An integrated approach to identify quantitative sources and hazardous areas of heavy metals in soils.
  • Jianshu Lv, Y. Liu
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 2019
Identifying quantitative sources and hazardous areas of heavy metals is a crucial issue for soil management. For this purpose, an integrated approach composed of finite mixture distribution modelingExpand
Bootstrap-Calibrated Interval Estimates for Latent Variable Scores in Item Response Theory
In most item response theory applications, model parameters need to be first calibrated from sample data. Latent variable (LV) scores calculated using estimated parameters are thus subject toExpand
Normalized truncated Levy walks applied to the study of financial indices
This work is devoted to the study of the statistical properties of financial indices from developed and emergent markets.
Influence of immobilization on phenanthrene degradation by Bacillus sp. P1 in the presence of Cd(II).
Suspended microbes gradually lost advantages in practical applications of PAHs and heavy metals bioremediation. Therefore this study investigated the effect of immobilization on phenanthreneExpand
Study on the in vitro degradation behavior of pure Mg and WE43 in human bile for 60 days for future usage in biliary
Abstract Mg and its alloys have been tested in both bone and blood environment, but the degradation process in human bile have not been reported yet. In this case, commercial pure Mg and WE43 alloyExpand