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Aggregation-induced emission of 1-methyl-1,2,3,4,5-pentaphenylsilole.
Aggregation greatly boosts emission efficiency of the silole, turning it from a weak luminophor into a strong emitter.
Smart grid technologies
Development of 15-kV SiC IGBTs and their impact on utility applications is discussed, and the need for power semiconductor devices with high-voltage, high- frequency, and high-temperature operation capability is growing. Expand
Fouling and wetting in membrane distillation (MD) and MD-bioreactor (MDBR) for wastewater reclamation
Abstract The membrane distillation (MD) process is seldom employed in wastewater reclamation since the high organic and nutrient in wastewater promote wetting. The MD bioreactor (MDBR) can remediateExpand
Salt concentration, pH and pressure controlled separation of small molecules through lamellar graphene oxide membranes.
For the first time, pressure, salt concentration and pH demonstrated advantages for tuning the nanochannels within lamellar graphene oxide (LGO) membranes to control the separation of smallExpand
Monolithic Ka-band phase shifter using voltage tunable BaSrTiO/sub 3/ parallel plate capacitors
Monolithic Ka-band phase shifter circuit that employs voltage tunable BaSrTiO/sub 3/ (BST) parallel plate capacitors is presented here. The circuit is capable of continuous 0/spl deg/-157/spl deg/Expand
BaSrTiO/sub 3/ interdigitated capacitors for distributed phase shifter applications
In this letter, BaSrTiO/sub 3/ (BST) interdigitated capacitors on sapphire substrates have been investigated. The tunability and quality factor of interdigital capacitors have been optimized forExpand
Molecular cloning and properties of a full-length putative thyroid hormone receptor coactivator.
Observations suggest that F-SRC-1 may bind directly with subregion(s) in nuclear hormone receptors other than the AF-2 region, and may play a role as a bridging molecule betweennuclear hormone receptors and general transcription factors. Expand
Thyroid Hormone Response Elements Differentially Modulate the Interactions of Thyroid Hormone Receptors with Two Receptor Binding Domains in the Steroid Receptor Coactivator-1*
Observations indicate that DNA- induced, as well as ligand-induced, conformational change(s) of TR may influence the nature of its binding to SRC-1, and that the two NBDs of S RC-1 may play different roles to regulate ligands-dependent transactivation of TRs. Expand
3D Ordered Macroporous MoS2 @C Nanostructure for Flexible Li-Ion Batteries.
A flexible and robust electrode is demonstrated by assembling the 3D ordered macroporous MoS2 @C nanostructure on carbon cloth with ultrasmall few-layered MoS 2 nanosheets homogenously embedded into the interconnected carbon wall, demonstrating a very high electrochemical performance and superior cycling stability for lithium-ion batteries. Expand
Iron pyrite thin films synthesized from an Fe(acac)3 ink.
Optical measurements of films rich in marcasite (orthorhombic FeS2) show that marCasite has a band gap at least as large as pyrite and that the two polymorphs share similar absorptivity spectra, in excellent agreement with density functional theory models. Expand