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A new video watermarking algorithm based on 1D DFT and Radon transform
The main contributions of this paper are the introduction of the 1D DFT along temporal direction for watermarking that enables the robustness against video compression, and the Radon transform-based watermark embedding and extraction that produces the robustity against geometric transformations. Expand
Anti-drift in E-nose: A subspace projection approach with drift reduction
Experiments on synthetic data and real datasets demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed anti-drift method in comparison to state-of-the-art methods. Expand
Neural Interaction Transparency (NIT): Disentangling Learned Interactions for Improved Interpretability
It is shown that disentangling interactions reduces a feedforward neural network to a generalized additive model with interactions, which can lead to transparent models that perform comparably to the state-of-the-art models. Expand
Mapping blue-ice areas in Antarctica using ETM+ and MODIS data
Abstract Blue-ice areas (BIAs) and their geographical distribution in Antarctica were mapped using Landsat-7 ETM+ images with 15 m spatial resolution obtained during the 1999–2003 austral summers andExpand
River Channel Geometry and Rating Curve Estimation Using Height above the Nearest Drainage
River channel geometry is an important input to hydraulic and hydrologic models. Traditional approaches to quantify river geometry have involved surveyed river cross-sections, which cannot beExpand
A CyberGIS Integration and Computation Framework for High‐Resolution Continental‐Scale Flood Inundation Mapping
We describe a Digital Elevation Model (DEM)-based hydrologic analysis methodology for continental-scale flood inundation mapping, implemented as a cyberGIS scientific workflow in which a 1/3rdExpand
Regulating the coordination environment of Co single atoms for achieving efficient electrocatalytic activity in CO2 reduction
Abstract Regulating the coordination environment of Co single-atom catalysts represents a powerful strategy to enhance its catalytic performance for CO2 electrochemical reduction. Herein, we adoptExpand
Strengthening mechanism of SiC-particulate reinforced Sn–3.7Ag–0.9Zn lead-free solder
Abstract Mechanically mixing was adopted to prepare SiC-particulate reinforced Sn–3.7Ag–0.9Zn composite solders and the effects of SiC addition on the solidification behavior, melting behavior andExpand
A Rectification Scheme for RST Invariant Image Watermarking
This letter presents an image rectification scheme that can be used by any image watermarking algorithms to provide robustness against rotation, scaling and translation (RST) transformations.