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Economic and Social Impacts of Self-Help Groups in India
Although there has been considerable recent interest in micro-credit programs, rigorous evidence on the impacts of forming self-help groups to mobilize savings and foster social empowerment at theExpand
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Models of biological nitrogen fixation of legumes. A review
Leguminous crops have the ability to fix nitrogen (N) biologically from the atmosphere. This can benefit not only the legumes themselves but also any intercropped or subsequent crops, thus reducingExpand
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Hypoxia Induced by Upconversion-Based Photodynamic Therapy: Towards Highly Effective Synergistic Bioreductive Therapy in Tumors.
Local hypoxia in tumors is an undesirable consequence of photodynamic therapy (PDT), which will lead to greatly reduced effectiveness of this therapy. Bioreductive pro-drugs that can be activated atExpand
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Collagen Gene Expression and the Altered Accumulation of Scleral Collagen during the Development of High Myopia*
The development of high myopia is associated with reduced scleral collagen accumulation, scleral thinning, and loss of scleral tissue, in both humans and animal models. Reduced collagen fibrilExpand
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Characterization and Comparison of Na+, K+ and Ca2+ Currents Between Myocytes from Human Atrial Right Appendage and Atrial Septum
Atrial pacing to reduce paroxysmal atrial fibrillation recurrences is performed in right atrial appendage (RAA) traditionally. However, recent studies indicate that atrial septal (AS) pacing producesExpand
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Prognostic potential of microRNA-138 and its target mRNA PDK1 in sera for patients with non-small cell lung cancer
AbstractmicroRNA (miR)-138 has been recognized as a potential tumor suppressor via regulating 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1) expression in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)Expand
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Associations between breakfast eating habits and health-promoting lifestyle, suboptimal health status in Southern China: a population based, cross sectional study
BackgroundSuboptimal health status (SHS) is the intermediate health state between health and disease, refers to medically undiagnosed or functional somatic syndromes, and has been a major globalExpand
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High Proportion of 22q13 Deletions and SHANK3 Mutations in Chinese Patients with Intellectual Disability
Intellectual disability (ID) is a heterogeneous disorder caused by chromosomal abnormalities, monogenic factors and environmental factors. 22q13 deletion syndrome is a genetic disorder characterizedExpand
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Resveratrol, a natural ingredient of grape skin: antiarrhythmic efficacy and ionic mechanisms.
Resveratrol has been demonstrated to produce a variety of biological actions. Accumulating line of evidence supported the view that resveratrol may exert protective effect on the cardiovascularExpand
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Correlation rank screening for ultrahigh-dimensional survival data
A novel feature screening procedure is proposed for ultrahigh-dimensional survival data which is invariant to the monotone transformation of the response. Expand
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