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China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): International Media Reporting and Legal Validity of Gilgit-Baltistan
New Silk Road Initiative is known as Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), an initiative which connect the China to the world for establish a free trade zone. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one
Analysis on the Competitive Force of Employment of the College Graduates
According to severe employment situation and employment of college graduates of 2009,a comprehensive,scientific college graduates evaluation system of employment based on the Large-scale nationwide
A Review on Import and Spillover of Technology in China from Perspective of Innovation Capacity
In the strategy background of ″ Enhancing the independent innovation capacity,building an innovation-oriented country″ in China,Reviewing the technology import from the view of innovation capacity is
Empirical Study on the Factors of Employee's Turnover Intention in Private Enterprises
A questionnaire investigation is designed for practical research on this issue.Using quantitative analysis method,we get the relation among enterprise system,job satisfaction,organizational
Cautions for the Development of China’s Producer Service Industry——Based on the Profound Research of the U.S. Producer Service Industry in the Post Industrial Era
Human society has experienced agricultural society, industrial society and is now experiencing post industrial society. Post industrial economy is ser vice economy. In 1960s, Daniel Bell advanced the
Importance of navigation construction in series development of the Hanjiang River
Importance should be attached to navigation construction in series development of the Hanjiang River because navigation channel is an infrastructure of the national economy. The Hanjiang River is a
Water space of Olympic Green
Based on the scientific outlook on development and the design concept of harmonious development between human and nature,the Olympic Green is designed through the special aesthetic qualities of water
Study on the Information Extraction and Evolution Law Concerning the Land Use in Industrial Projects in Mining-dependent Cities——Taking the City of Jiaozuo in Henan Province as Example
The paper looks at the characteristics of the space distribution of land use in industrial projects in the city of Jiaozuo according to the major data sources, such as remote-sensing image and basic geographical data of the city proper.
Comparative Research on Social Security System between U.S.and Sweden
As one of the subsystem in the modern countries,Social Security System is becoming one of the hottest issue around the world.However many research emphasize the relationship between the economic