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Rapid and simultaneous quantitation of Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Salmonella, and Shigella in ground beef by multiplex real-time PCR and immunomagnetic separation.
The objective of this study was to establish a multiplex real-time PCR for the simultaneous quantitation of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella, and Shigella. Genomic DNA for the real-time PCR wasExpand
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N2O emissions from agricultural lands: a synthesis of simulation approaches
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is primarily produced by the microbially-mediated nitrification and denitrification processes in soils. It is influenced by a suite of climate (i.e. temperature and rainfall) andExpand
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Evaluation of nitrogen balance in a direct-seeded-rice field experiment using Hydrus-1D
Nitrogen (N) pollution is a global environmental problem that has greatly increased the risks of both the eutrophication of surface waters and contamination of ground waters. The majority of NExpand
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Estimating the nitrogen status of crops using a digital camera
Abstract Spectral reflectance of cereal canopies measured with a digital camera correlated closely with N status during the vegetative and early stem elongation phases. Photos of the crops taken at aExpand
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A spatially referenced water and nitrogen management model (WNMM) for (irrigated) intensive cropping systems in the North China Plain
Abstract A spatially referenced biophysical model, the water and nitrogen management model (WNMM), was developed and shown to simulate dynamic soil water movement and soil–crop carbon (C) andExpand
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Effect of grazing on wind driven carbon and nitrogen ratios in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia
Abstract Wind erosion and dust storms are common phenomena in the semi-arid Xilingele grassland (Inner Mongolia) and contribute considerably to matter balances. Dust emission and dust depositionExpand
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Differential responses of crop yields and soil organic carbon stock to fertilization and rice straw incorporation in three cropping systems in the subtropics
Abstract Because the in situ incorporation of rice straw into paddy fields enhances CH 4 emissions, the ex situ (or shifted) incorporation of rice straw into uplands may provide an alternative way ofExpand
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Comparison of three modeling approaches for simulating denitrification and nitrous oxide emissions from loam‐textured arable soils
Received 21 October 2004; revised 17 April 2005; accepted 11 May 2005; published 9 July 2005. [1] Soil denitrification fluxes and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from the soil surface simulated by aExpand
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The sequence and analysis of a Chinese pig genome
BackgroundThe pig is an economically important food source, amounting to approximately 40% of all meat consumed worldwide. Pigs also serve as an important model organism because of their similarityExpand
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Climatic and technological ceilings for Chinese rice stagnation based on yield gaps and yield trend pattern analysis.
Climatic or technological ceilings could cause yield stagnation. Thus, identifying the principal reasons for yield stagnation within the context of the local climate and socio-economic conditions areExpand
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