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Does it Really Pay to be Green? Determinants and Consequences of Proactive Environmental Strategies
This study examines what factors affect firms' decisions to adopt a proactive environmental strategy and whether pursuing proactive environmental strategies leads to improved financial performance.Expand
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Hurricane damage to residential construction in the US: Importance of uncertainty modeling in risk assessment
The severe damage to residential construction and the social disruption caused by hurricanes in the past two decades in the United States demonstrate the need for a better understanding ofExpand
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A probabilistic-based framework for impact and adaptation assessment of climate change on hurricane damage risks and costs
Abstract This paper presents a probabilistic-based framework to assess the potential hurricane risks to residential construction under various wind speed change scenarios due to potential climateExpand
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Corporate Disclosure of Environmental Liability Information: Theory and Evidence*
The decision to disclose information concerning a firm's environmental liabilities is modeled as a sequential game involving the firm, a capital market and outside stakeholders who can imposeExpand
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The Valuation Relevance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the European Union Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme
Abstract This study examines the valuation relevance of greenhouse gas emissions under the European Union Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme. We posit that carbon emissions affect firm valuation only toExpand
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A Review of Data Mining-Based Financial Fraud Detection Research
Nationwide, financial losses due to financial statement frauds (FSF) are mounting. The industry recognizes the problem and is just now starting to act. Although prevention is the best way to reduceExpand
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An Empirical Examination of Factors Affecting the Timing of Environmental Accounting Standard Adoption and the Impact on Corporate Valuation
This paper assesses factors associated with firms' adoption of a new Canadian accounting standard promulgated in 1990, which requires disclosure of future removal and site restoration costs.Expand
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Well-Being of College Students in China
In this study, we tested a modified academic satisfaction model based on social cognitive career theory in a sample of 757 college students in China. The hypothesized model included personalityExpand
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Simultaneous Signaling in IPOs via Management Earnings Forecasts and Retained Ownership: An Empirical Analysis of the Substitution Effect
This study empirically tests the substitution effect outlined in theoretical bivariate signaling models using a Canadian IPO setting. We first show that retained ownership and the provision ofExpand
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Middle Viséan (Mississippian) coral biostrome in central Guizhou, southwestern China and its palaeoclimatological implications
Abstract A middle Visean (Mississippian) coral biostrome is reported for the first time from the Shangsi Formation in Yashui area, central Guizhou Province, southwestern China (palaeogeographicallyExpand
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