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Deep Domain Generalization via Conditional Invariant Adversarial Networks
Domain generalization aims to learn a classification model from multiple source domains and generalize it to unseen target domains. A critical problem in domain generalization involves learningExpand
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CHEAVD: a Chinese natural emotional audio–visual database
This paper presents a recently collected natural, multimodal, rich-annotated emotion database, CASIA Chinese Natural Emotional Audio–Visual Database (CHEAVD), which aims to provide a basic resourceExpand
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Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network based Multimodal Dimensional Emotion Recognition
This paper presents our effort to the Audio/Visual+ Emotion Challenge (AV+EC2015), whose goal is to predict the continuous values of the emotion dimensions arousal and valence from audio, visual andExpand
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Distance metric optimization driven convolutional neural network for age invariant face recognition
Propose a new distance metric optimization driven deep-learning framework for age-invariant face recognition.Learn feature representations and the similarity measure simultaneously in an end-to-endExpand
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Building a Chinese Natural Emotional Audio-Visual Database
Building a spontaneous, multi-modal, rich-annotated emotion database is a challenging work. Although there have been a growing number of emotional corpora available, most of them were recorded inExpand
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Audio Visual Emotion Recognition with Temporal Alignment and Perception Attention
This paper focuses on two key problems for audio-visual emotion recognition in the video. One is the audio and visual streams temporal alignment for feature level fusion. The other one is locatingExpand
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Domain Generalization via Conditional Invariant Representations
Domain generalization aims to apply knowledge gained from multiple labeled source domains to unseen target domains. The main difficulty comes from the dataset bias: training data and test data haveExpand
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End-to-end keywords spotting based on connectionist temporal classification for Mandarin
Traditional hybrid DNN-HMM based ASR system for keywords spotting which models HMM states are not flexible to optimize for a specific language. In this paper, we construct an end-to-end acousticExpand
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An evidential DEMATEL method to identify critical success factors in emergency management
As the result of the warmer climate and the worse environment, human beings are facing with more serious natural disasters. It is urgent to improve emergency management. Due to the fact thatExpand
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Protein secondary structure optimization using an improved artificial bee colony algorithm based on AB off-lattice model
Predicting the secondary structure of protein has been the focus of scientific research for decades, but it remains to be a challenge in bioinformatics due to the increasing computation complexity.Expand
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