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The regulated expression of B lineage associated genes during B cell differentiation in bone marrow and fetal liver
The expression of B lineage associated genes during early B cell differentiation stages is not firmly established. Using cell surface markers and multiparameter flow cytometry, bone marrow (BM) cellsExpand
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Immunopathogenesis of human schistosomiasis
Schistosomiasis continues to be a significant cause of parasitic morbidity and mortality worldwide. This review considers the basic features of the pathology and clinical outcomes of hepatointestinalExpand
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Identification of the earliest B lineage stage in mouse bone marrow.
We have identified a very early stage of B lineage cells in the CD45R (B220)+CD24 (HSA) pre-pro-B fraction of mouse bone marrow delineated by expression of AA4.1, a molecule found on stem cells andExpand
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Transcription factor B cell lineage-specific activator protein regulates the gene for human X-box binding protein 1
The transcription factor human X-box binding protein 1 (hXBP-1) is a basic region-leucine zipper protein implicated in the regulation of major histocompatibility complex class II gene expression asExpand
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Identification and cloning of a megakaryocyte growth and development factor that is a ligand for the cytokine receptor Mpl.
A novel megakaryocyte growth and development factor (MGDF) has been identified in aplastic canine plasma, and its cDNAs have been cloned from canine, murine, and human sources. Purified canine MGDFExpand
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Frequent aberrant immunoglobulin gene rearrangements in pro-B cells revealed by a bcl-xL transgene.
During B lymphocyte development, pro-B cells that fail to rearrange an immunoglobulin heavy (IgH) chain allele productively are thought to undergo developmental arrest and death, but because theseExpand
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B‐cell commitment, development and selection
Summary: Here we review three areas in B‐cell development in the mouse, with a focus on relevance to B‐1/CD5+ B cells. Multiparameter flow cytometry has allowed the dissection of intermediate stagesExpand
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Distinctive Developmental Origins and Specificities of Murine CD5+ B Cells
CD5+ B cells constitute a small fraction of cells in the spleen of adult mice that exhibit numerous features serving to distinguish them from the bulk of IgD++CD5−“conventional” B cells. In thisExpand
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Purification and biologic characterization of plasma-derived megakaryocyte growth and development factor.
The isolation and cloning of the ligand for the cytokine receptor, Mpl, have been recently described. In this report we present details of the purification of this novel cytokine (megakaryocyteExpand
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Helicobacter pylori infection induced alteration of gene expression in human gastric cells
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori, a human pathogen responsible for many digestive disorders, induces complex changes in patterns of gene expression in infected tissues. cDNA expression arrays provide aExpand
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