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Underdetermined blind source separation based on sparse representation
This paper discusses underdetermined (i.e., with more sources than sensors) blind source separation (BSS) using a two-stage sparse representation approach. The first challenging task of this approachExpand
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Analysis of Sparse Representation and Blind Source Separation
In this letter, we analyze a two-stage cluster-then-l1-optimization approach for sparse representation of a data matrix, which is also a promising approach for blind source separation (BSS) in whichExpand
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A Hybrid Brain Computer Interface to Control the Direction and Speed of a Simulated or Real Wheelchair
Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are used to translate brain activity signals into control signals for external devices. Currently, it is difficult for BCI systems to provide the multiple independentExpand
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Deep learning based on Batch Normalization for P300 signal detection
Detecting P300 signals from electroencephalography (EEG) is the key to establishing a P300 speller, which is a type of braincomputer interface (BCI) system based on the oddball paradigm that allowsExpand
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An EEG-Based BCI System for 2-D Cursor Control by Combining Mu/Beta Rhythm and P300 Potential
Two-dimensional cursor control is an important and challenging issue in EEG-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). To address this issue, here we propose a new approach by combining two brainExpand
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Robust Adaptive Beamformers Based on Worst-Case Optimization and Constraints on Magnitude Response
In this paper, novel robust adaptive beamformers are proposed with constraints on array magnitude response. With the transformation from the array output power and the magnitude response to linearExpand
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Energy-Efficient ECG Compression on Wireless Biosensors via Minimal Coherence Sensing and Weighted $\ell_1$ Minimization Reconstruction
Low energy consumption is crucial for body area networks (BANs). In BAN-enabled ECG monitoring, the continuous monitoring entails the need of the sensor nodes to transmit a huge data to the sinkExpand
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Double Node Upsets Hardened Latch Circuits
A radiation hardened by design (RHBD) latch and its temporally hardened version to tolerate double node upsets are proposed in this paper. C-Elements are used to construct structures for faultExpand
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A Hybrid BCI System Combining P300 and SSVEP and Its Application to Wheelchair Control
In this paper, a hybrid brain-computer interface (BCI) system combining P300 and steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) is proposed to improve the performance of asynchronous control. The fourExpand
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Voxel Selection in fMRI Data Analysis Based on Sparse Representation
Multivariate pattern analysis approaches toward detection of brain regions from fMRI data have been gaining attention recently. In this study, we introduce an iterative sparse-representation-basedExpand
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