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Highly efficient capture of circulating tumor cells by using nanostructured silicon substrates with integrated chaotic micromixers.
Metastases are the most common cause of cancer-related death in patients with solid tumors.[1–4] A considerable body of evidence indicates that tumor cells are shed from a primary tumor mass at theExpand
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Study of piezoresistance effect of carbon nanotube-PDMS composite materials for nanosensors
Samples of novel nanocomposites of multiwalled carbon nanotube and poly (dimethylsiloxane), i.e., CNT-PDMS, at different filler concentrations are prepared. The mechanical/electrical andExpand
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Efficient spatial-temporal chaotic mixing in microchannels
A chaotic micro mixer with multiple side channels is designed and investigated, in which fluid can be stirred by pumps through the side channels. By stretching and folding fluid in the main and sideExpand
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Using a micro electroporation chip to determine the optimal physical parameters in the uptake of biomolecules in HeLa cells.
In this study, a new micro electroporation (EP) cell chip with three-dimensional (3D) electrodes was fabricated by means of MEMS technology, and tested on cervical cancer (HeLa) cells. ExtensiveExpand
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Optimizing Combinations of Flavonoids Deriving from Astragali Radix in Activating the Regulatory Element of Erythropoietin by a Feedback System Control Scheme
  • H. Yu, W. Zhang, +4 authors Y. Lee
  • Medicine
  • Evidence-based complementary and alternative…
  • 30 April 2013
Identifying potent drug combination from a herbal mixture is usually quite challenging, due to a large number of possible trials. Using an engineering approach of the feedback system control (FSC)Expand
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Chaotic mixing in electrokinetically and pressure driven micro flows
We present two micro-devices, fabricated by using MEMS technology, in which mixing of fluid and particles takes place. The systems are designed to induce folding and stretching of material lines,Expand
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Experimental Study and Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Time-periodic Micro Chaotic Mixers
The efficiency of MEMS-based time-periodic micro chaotic mixers is experimentally and theoretically investigated in this study. A time-periodic flow perturbation was realized using digitallyExpand
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Microchannels in series connected via a contraction/expansion section
Fluid flow in microdevices consisting of pairs of microchannels in series was studied. The dimensions of the channels are about 40 μm × 1 μm × 2000 μm for the wide and about 20 μm × 1 μm × 2000 μmExpand
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Design and Fabrication of Mini Vibration Power Generator System for Micro Sensor Networks
  • X. Cao, Y. Lee
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Information…
  • 20 August 2006
This paper presents a mini vibration power generator system for micro sensor networks with the output power of 35 mW, which is much larger than those in the literature. The system consists of a miniExpand
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Effects of deformability and thermal motion of lipid membrane on electroporation: by molecular dynamics simulations.
Effects of mechanical properties and thermal motion of POPE lipid membrane on electroporation were studied by molecular dynamics simulations. Among simulations in which specific atoms of lipids wereExpand
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