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The specificity of peptidyl‐tRNA hydrolase from E. coli
The action of a purified E. coli peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase is described on several peptidol-t RNA’s prepared from these tRNA’’ modified in the 3’-terminal adenosine or in the penultimate cytidine nucleotides. Expand
Antimitogenic effects of interferon and (2′–5′)‐oligoadenylate in synchronized 3T3 fibroblasts
Here, the study of the antimitogenic effect of dephosphorylated (2’-5’)ApApA is extended to serum-stimulated Balb/c 3T3 fibroblasts and it is shown that inhibition of DNA synthesis takes place only if the (1’~S’)-oligo(A) is at least 3 nucleotides long and has a free hydroxyl-group at the 5”-position. Expand
Use of esters of N-hydroxysuccinimide in the synthesis of N-acylamino acids.
Several crystalline N-hydroxysuccinimide esters of short- and long-chain fatty acids have been synthesized and the behavior of the N-acylamino acids on thin-layer chromatography is described. Expand
Synthesis of fatty acid anhydrides by reaction with dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.
A simple method is described for the preparation of caprylic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic anhydrides. Reaction of the free fatty acid and dicyclohexylcarbodiimide in carbon tetrachloride at roomExpand
Peptidyl-tRNA. VII. Substrate specificity of peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase.
It is shown that the hydrolysis rate of peptidyl-tRNA containing two peptide bonds is considerably higher than that of N-acylaminoacyl-t RNA. Expand
Further studies on the chromatographic behaviour of dinucleoside monophosphates.
The separation of 2′- 5′ dinucleoside monophosphates from their corresponding 3′-5′ isomers on QAE-Sephadex A-25 (bicarbonate form) is described and the nucleotidic material is isolated by lyophilization. Expand
The influence of the peptide chain length on the activity of peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase from E. coli.
The dependence of the Vmax and Km on the length of the peptide moiety in the peptidyl-tRNA series (Gly)n-Val tRNA, was measured and the fact that peptides and peptide esters do not inhibit the enzyme activity is confirmed. Expand
Purification of peptidyl-tRNA on benzoylated DEAE-cellulose columns.
The o-nitrophenylsulfenyl group, and amino protecting group in the chemical synthesis of peptidyl-tRNA was used to attach newly synthesized peptidyl-tRNA to a benzoylated DEAE-cellulose column. ThisExpand
Reaction of puromycin with chemically prepared peptidyl transfer RNA.
It is concluded that at magnesium ion concentrations below 0.01 M, peptidyl-tRNA (such as Gly2-Phe-tRNAPhe) binds preferentially to the donor site, but at higher magnesium ions the ribosomal aceptor site is preferred. Expand