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Interaction of tetrandrine with slowly inactivating calcium channels. Characterization of calcium channel modulation by an alkaloid of Chinese medicinal herb origin.
Tetrandrine, a bis-benzylisoquinoline alkaloid derived from the Chinese medicinal herb Stephania tetrandra, is a putative Ca2+ entry blocker whose mechanism of action is unknown. To investigate thisExpand
Cochinmicins, novel and potent cyclodepsipeptide endothelin antagonists from a Microbispora sp. II. Structure determination.
Cochinmicins I, II, and III are competitive endothelin antagonists produced by Microbispora sp. ATCC 55140. The cochinmicins are cyclic depsipeptides containing six alpha-amino acids and aExpand
[Isolation and identification of isoangelol, anpubesol and other coumarins from Angelica pubescens Maxim].
Nine coumarins were isolated from dichloromethane extract of the roots of Angelica pubescens Maxim. Seven of them were identified as osthol (Ⅰ), columbianetin acetate (Ⅱ), columbianetin (Ⅲ),Expand
Cochinmicins, novel and potent cyclodepsipeptide endothelin antagonists from a Microbispora sp. I. Production, isolation, and characterization.
Cochinmicins I, II, III are novel peptolides produced in submerged-fermentation cultures of Microbispora sp. ATCC 55140. These closely related compounds are separated by HPLC and are novelExpand
Novel and potent gastrin and brain cholecystokinin antagonists from Streptomyces olivaceus. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation, chemical conversions, and physico-chemical and biochemical properties.
The discovery and physico-chemical characterization of three novel and minor virginiamycin M1 analogs as potent gastrin antagonists from a culture of a strain of Streptomyces olivaceus are described.Expand
A novel inositol mono-phosphatase inhibitor from Memnoniella echinata. Producing organism, fermentation, isolation, physicochemical and in vitro biological properties.
A novel inositol mono-phosphatase inhibitor, L-671,776 (1), was discovered from a culture of the hyphomycete, Memnoniella echinata (ATCC 20928). 1 has a molecular weight of 388 and a molecularExpand
L-755,807, A new non-peptide bradykinin binding inhibitor from an endophytic Microsphaeropsis sp.
Abstract A new metabolite, L-755,807, 1, was isolated from an endophytic Microsphaeropsis sp. in the course of searching for a bradykinin binding inhibitor. The structure of 1, including relativeExpand
Quinones from Ardisia cornudentata
Abstract The structure of a new benzoquinone, cornudentanone, isolated from Ardisia cornudentata M . was determined.
New virginiamycin M1 derivatives: synthesis, cholecystokinin binding inhibitory and antimicrobial properties.
Fifteen 13-ester, 13-carbanilate and 15-hydroxy derivatives of virginiamycin M 1 were synthesized and evaluated for their abilities to inhibit a) binding to the cholecystokinin receptor subtypes inExpand