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Topological States and adiabatic pumping in quasicrystals.
It is shown, both theoretically and experimentally, that one-dimensional quasicrystals are assigned two-dimensional Chern numbers and, respectively, exhibit topologically protected boundary states equivalent to the edge states of a two- dimensional quantum Hall system.
Anderson localization and nonlinearity in one-dimensional disordered photonic lattices.
An intermediate regime is found in which the ballistic and localized components coexist while diffusive dynamics is absent and evidence is found for a faster transition into localization under nonlinear conditions.
Quantum Walks of Correlated Photons
The output pattern resulting from the injection of two correlated photons possess quantum features, indicating that the photons retain their correlations as they walk randomly through the waveguide array, allowing scale-up and parallel searches over many possible paths.
Quantum transport simulations in a programmable nanophotonic processor
Environmental noise and disorder play critical roles in quantum particle and wave transport in complex media, including solid-state and biological systems. While separately both effects are known to
Strongly correlated quantum walks in optical lattices
Using interacting bosonic atoms in an optical lattice, this work directly observed fundamental effects such as the emergence of correlations in two-particle quantum walks, as well as strongly correlated Bloch oscillations in tilted optical lattices.
Quantum and classical correlations in waveguide lattices.
The results demonstrate that waveguide lattices can be used as a robust and highly controllable tool for manipulating quantum states, and offer new ways of studying the quantum properties of light.
Realization of quantum walks with negligible decoherence in waveguide lattices.
It is shown that the propagation of photons in waveguide lattices, which have been studied extensively in recent years, are essentially an implementation of quantum walks.
Observation of a localization transition in quasiperiodic photonic lattices.
The observation of the signature of a localization phase transition for light in one-dimensional quasiperiodic photonic lattices is reported by directly measuring wave transport inside the lattice, and the effect of focusing nonlinear interaction on the propagation increases the width of the localized wave packets.
Quantum correlations in two-particle Anderson localization.
The predicted quantum correlations between noninteracting particles evolving simultaneously in a disordered medium show oscillatory correlations within the localization length and can be observed in Anderson localization of nonclassical light and ultracold atoms.
Quantum walk of two interacting bosons
We study the effect of interactions on the propagation of quantum correlations in the bosonic two-body quantum walk. The combined effect of interactions and Hanbury Brown\char21{}Twiss interference