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Fast Implementation of Public-Key Cryptography ona DSP TMS320C6201
We propose new fast implementation method of public-key cryptography suitable for DSP. We improved modular multiplication and elliptic doubling to increase speed. For modular multiplication, weExpand
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Stable isotopic structure of aquatic ecosystems
Isotopic, biogeochemical and ecological structure can provide a new dimension for understanding material flows, and the simultaneous function and structure of an ecosystem. Distributions ofδ13CExpand
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Incorporation of heavy metals by the mud snail, Cipangopaludina chinensis malleata Reeve, in submerged paddy soil treated with composted sewage sludge
SummaryThe biomass of newborn snails was higher in paddy soil without rice plants than in the soil with rice plants. There was an inverse correlation between shell width and concentratins of Zn andExpand
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On-site hemostatic suturing technique for uterine bleeding from placenta previa and subsequent pregnancy
We have found that our operative technique of hemostasis in cases with massive bleeding from the placental removal site was useful during cesarean delivery. In addition, subsequent pregnancy occurredExpand
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Alterations in time intervals of ductus venosus and atrioventricular flow velocity waveforms in growth-restricted fetuses.
OBJECTIVE To investigate time intervals of the ductus venosus (DV) flow velocity waveform (FVW) and those of the cardiac cycle that correspond with each DV-FVW component in fetuses with intrauterineExpand
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Stability of Closed Ecological System
To explore the avenues leading to stable coexistence between man and his environment in a closed ecosystem, a microcosm was examined from the standpoint of the stability involved in the sundryExpand
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Characteristic differences and reference ranges for mitral, tricuspid, aortic, and pulmonary Doppler velocity waveforms during fetal life.
OBJECTIVES We aimed to construct reference ranges for time intervals of each component of cardiac flow velocity waveforms in normal fetuses, comparing those variables between right and leftExpand
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Pregnancy Complicated by Cervical Varix and Low-Lying Placenta: A Case Report
We present a case of cervical varix and low-lying placenta. A cesarean section was performed because of the risk of bleeding with vaginal delivery; hemostasis was achieved using z sutures at theExpand
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Increased annexin A2 expression in the placenta of women with acute worsening of preeclampsia.
BACKGROUND The aims of present study were to investigate the expression of Annexin A2 in the placenta of patients with preeclampsia (PE) and correlate these data with acute worsening of clinicalExpand
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Analysis of factors controlling responses of an aquatic microcosm to organic loading
The changes in the numbers of individuals of the constituent species and ammonia concentrations in 6 subsystems (Bacteria, bacteria-Cyclidium, bacteria-Aeolosoma, bacteria-Chlorella,Expand
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