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A Novel Phospholipase C, PLCη2, Is a Neuron-specific Isozyme*
Twelve phospholipase C (PLC) isozymes have been cloned so far, and they are divided into six classes, β-, γ-, δ-, ϵ-, ζ-, and η-type, on the basis of structure and activation mechanisms. Here weExpand
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Double blind study of melatonin effects on the sleep-wake rhythm, cognitive and non-cognitive functions in Alzheimer type dementia.
Previously, we reported that morning bright light therapy improved sleep time and cognitive function in Alzheimer type of dementia. We conducted a double blind study to examine the effects ofExpand
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Diurnal fluctuation of sleep propensity and hormonal secretion across the menstrual cycle
BACKGROUND The fact that most women experience sleep changes across the menstrual cycle is thought to be associated with changes in circadian rhythms; however, few studies have investigated thisExpand
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Poor recovery sleep after sleep deprivation in delayed sleep phase syndrome
To clarify disturbances in sleep regulation in patients with delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), we studied three patients with DSPS and seven healthy controls. Sleep propensity and melatoninExpand
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Melatonin treatment for circadian rhythm sleep disorders
Abstract This study investigated the effects of melatonin administration on circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and aimed to clarify clinical characteristics of melatonin responders. The subjects wereExpand
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Schizophrenia and narcolepsy: A review with a case report
Abstract  Several reports emphasize the importance of differentiating between psychosis in schizophrenia and the psychotic form of narcolepsy. The failure to identify narcolepsy leads to the labelingExpand
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Diurnal fluctuation of sleep propensity across the menstrual cycle
Most women experience sleep changes across the menstrual cycle. We applied the ultra‐short sleep–wake schedule to healthy females to compare their 24‐h sleep propensity rhythms in the follicular andExpand
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Study of Nocturnal Sleep and the Carryover Effects of Triazolam and Brotizolam Using Neurophysiological and Subjective Methods
In the present study, the effects of short-acting benzodiazepines on nocturnal sleep and the carryover effects of these drugs were studied. The study involved 10 young, healthy male subjects who hadExpand
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Correlation between the circadian sleep propensity rhythm and hormonal rhythms under ultra‐short sleep–wake cycle
The aim of this study was to clarify effects of hormonal and temperature rhythms on circadian fluctuations of sleep propensity. Ten healthy females underwent 24‐h sleep deprivation and entered theExpand
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Effects of small dose of brotizolam on P300
Nine healthy men (mean age, 22.2 years) participated in two experimental sessions cross‐overed randomly in a double blind manner; one with a placebo and the other with 0.125 mg of brotizolam (BTZ)Expand
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